Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shooting on Diversey and Lawndale Sunday (Update on 1-13-09)

I recieved an email from a concerned citizen this morning regarding a shooting at Diversey and Lawndale on Sunday at 7:15am in the morning. The citizen tells me he heard four real loud gunshots. After the gunshots, according to the citizen, people started coming outside to see what just happened. They, and the citizen who emailed me, found a man shot on the corner of Diversey and Lawndale, in the middle of the street. Gun shells were found right next to the man's body, leading the citizen and probably others to believe that someone tried to kill this man, plain and simple. It is not known if the man shot remained alive or died. I personally hope that the man is still alive. The police showed up on the scene about 3 minutes after the shots fired, from what I've been told.

I pose this question to all of you out there. What the hell is going on around here? Anybody have information? Better yet, does anybody know why the gangs around here keep going at it? I'm getting real sick and tired of the gangs fighting each other, OVER STUPID STUFF. Every day. It's the same nonsense over and over again. Last night, I wrote to you all about Diversey not being safe, and I think that's more true each and everyday. This email I got really proves that.

They fight on George. They fight on Lawndale. They throw beer bottles on Diversey. They throw up gang signs on Monticello. They shoot at each other on Ridgeway. Why? Is it because of a grudge? Someone messed with a gang member's woman/man? Being in a different gang? I don't know the answers, but I would like to know some, from our alderman (who is Ariel Reboyas) and maybe even our beat cops. They might know.

I think it is really time for the police to do foot patrols in this area. It's not helping just circling around in a squad car all day. The police need to walk the beat. Walk Monticello. Walk Lawndale. Walk Diversey. Walk Barry. Walk Springfield. Walk George. These streets really need the foot patrol. It's either that, or increase your presence, please. This nonsense is getting on the residents' last nerves. We should be able to walk Diversey without being shot, mugged or beaten.
Things were getting better around here for a time, but now things are starting to deteriorate again. I've lived here all of my life so far and I've never seen things this bad.

Update, 1/13/09: It appears that an RD was pulled on this shooting. It's HP754019. Time of occurrence is 07:18 hours. No arrests have been made. It was not domestic related. It occurred on the street. The block used was 2700 N Lawndale. The UCR code used was 041Adam. The crime is "Aggravated Battery: Handgun". So it does look like the man lived through this shooting.


Craig Gernhardt said...


I hope you have some leaders in the neighborhood that will step to the plate and calm the good citizens nerves?

Email your blog post to your alderman and see if you get an response.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

"Yikes" is the same response I had this morning as I read the email that the concerned citizen sent me, Craig. The stupid nonsense stuff down here in Avondale is getting on my last nerves, LOL.

The alderman we have seems like a mute. I've NEVER heard ANYTHING from his mouth before. Do you think he's friends with Joe Moore (insert joke here)?

I am going to email this to my alderman to see what he (or his staff) saids.