Friday, March 6, 2009

Vice complaint on 2524's beat

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:49pm. Today, from a good source of mine, things have been pretty active in the neighborhood. My source witnessed gang members causing a disturbance along Diversey. I've also seen some stuff myself this afternoon as I was coming home. I'll keep an eye on things and here is crime for this afternoon/evening.

4:48pm - Vice complaint. Somewhere on 2524's beat. Read out during the backlog.

5:12pm - Robbery. 2857 N Ridgeway. At the food markert. Three male Hispanics robbed the store. Note: This is very shocking. I go to that store from time to time. Wow.

5:18 to 5:19pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Beat car 2514 has a big disturbance at 2055 N Long. Multiple units are enroute.

5:22pm - Beat 2566David says the robbery is bona fided. All they have right now is that a van fled west on George from the robbery.

5:23pm - Beat car 2566D says that it was a male Black and two male Hispanics. One male Hispanic was wearing a knit cap which said "Chicago" across it. The gun was a handgun.

5:32pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 5:12pm job. It's HR202013. Didn't catch the event number.

5:49pm - Recover the stolen auto. 4243 W Nelson. A black car was recovered.

5:52pm - Beat 2544 is going into 25 from the 5:12pm job.

6:19pm - Parker. 2743 N Ridgeway. No further information.

6:23pm - Person with a gun. Milwaukee and Davlin. Male Hispanic, about 5'6, long hair in a ponytail just pointed a gun at another male's head and sounded like the offender's refusing to let go of the male.

6:26pm - A slow down is given at the 6:23pm job.

6:35pm - Person wanted. Diversey and Hamlin. Caller is wanted for failure to appear in court on DUI charges. The caller wants to turn theirself in. Interestingly enough, the caller sounds drunk.

6:42pm - Beat car 2523 codes out the 6:35pm job as a 19Paul.

6:50pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

7:52pm - I had an extended dinner tonight, but I'm finally back.

8:08pm - Disturbance. 2421 N Ridgeway. Also coming in as 2400 N. People are loitering, possibly drinking.

8:13pm - Gang disturbance. Parker and Kildare. People in a black Cadillac SUV are flashing gang signs.

8:35 to 8:37pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Augusta and Mayfield. A 68David unit is chasing a male westbound in an alley. This was right after a unit called in "loud reports" there.

8:37pm - The male appears the be in custody at Augusta and Austin.

About 9:30 to 11:30pm - I wasn't paying too much attention and did fall asleep. Sorry :-).

11:43pm - One of the units asks for an RD number from a stop at about 2344 N Central Park. It's HR202649 with the event number of 23044. The time when the unit went down was 22:37 hours (10:37pm).

11:50pm - Disturbance. 3167 N Milwaukee. Male White with a green coat and blue jeans was laying down in the drive thru and now he's walking around.

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