Monday, March 23, 2009

Fight on CTA bus on Pulaski

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:19pm. Today was a good day for me. Anyway, here is crime for this afternoon/evening.

4:18pm - Battery in progress. 2030 N Pulaski. Fight on CTA bus #1320.

4:24pm - Bus #1320 is all the way at Pulaski and Augusta now. The job was coded out 19Paul since they couldn't find the bus.

4:35pm - Beat car 2555 asks for a DOC mission event number. It's 11974.

4:39pm -1) Disturbance. 2715 N Lawndale. In the basement. The landlord and their family are harassing the caller. 2) Disturbance. 4242 W Fullerton. Male gangbangers loitering inside and outside of the store.

4:57pm - Domestic Battery. Milwaukee and Central Park. Man and woman fighting in the parking lot of the bank.

5:13pm - The 4:57pm job is coded out 1Boy.

5:56pm - Battery in progress. 2154 N Springfield. People fighting in the alley.

6:02pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. A car just took off from Beat 2562Adam at Belmont and Monticello. The car is heading north on Monticello towards School. The offender is wanted for PCS. They say to notify 14 and 17 right away. 2562Adam was attempting to do a traffic stop on this car.

6:04pm - Police/dispatch chatter regarding the 6:02pm incident.

6:07pm - Multiple units speed by my house, heading to the chase.

6:08pm - The car must've hit the Kennedy Expressway because 2562A is at Kimball and the Expressway and can't find the car. The offender is described as a male Hispanic, very heavy set with a black bomber jacket and yellow something. The car is a tan van.

6:12pm - Beat car 2562Boy just executed a search warrant at 2137 N Monticello.

6:13pm - Beat 2562 wants a better description on the chase. 2562A gives it out again.

6:49pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

7:05pm - I'm back from eating.

7:15pm - Beat car 2573 has a stop at Milwaukee and Ridgeway. They ask for an event number. It's 15366.

7:43pm - Beat 2524 has a parker on the PDT on the beat.

7:50pm - Battery in progress. 3150 N Springfield. Four males fighting.

7:57pm - Two males are fighting at 3144 and 3146 N Springfield. Beat car 2525 wants to know who's calling this is. The anoymous is.

7:59pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

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