Sunday, March 22, 2009

Suspicious male lurking in gangway

Good afternoon, everyone. It's 1:30pm. I'm mointoring 14 until 4:20pm, then my mom will get the radio back, unless something major happens.

1:15pm - Suspicious person. 2445 N Sawyer. Male Black keeps lurking in and around the gangway.

1:38pm - A message is sent out over 14th district radio about a missing from 3535 W Armitage under RD number HR228511. The missing is a male White Hispanic, about 85 years old and light complected [there was more of a description but I didn't get it in time]. He's been missing since 21 March 2009.

1:57pm - 1) Loud music. 2549 W Cortland. From the house. 2) Parker. 1651 N Claremont. Truck blocking the entire street.

1:59pm - Assist the citizen. At the Logan Squre Blue Line station. Male needs to go to de-tox.

2:07pm - 1) Traffic accident. Armitage and Spaulding. Property damage only. Right away, Beat car 1441 codes out the job because he was flagged down there and the caller said they was going into the station because they couldn't wait any longer. 2) Disturbance. Fullerton and Albany. Two homless males in the alley are preventing children from playing.

2:08pm - Parker. Drummond and Kimball. Car blocking the exit of the alley.

2:11pm - Battery in progress. Belden and Kimball. Group of boys beating up another boy.

2:12pm - 2549 W Cortland is coded out 4Boy. No loud music going on.

2:13pm - 1) Person down. Paulina and Wabansia. Male layed out on the sidewalk. 2) A slow down is given on the 2:11pm job.

2:14pm - The 2:11pm job is coded out 19Boy and the responding unit is now taking a ci.

2:15pm - Gang disturbance. On Wabansia from Whipple to Humboldt. 15 to 20 gang members on the street. They're Latin Kings and T-Stones.

2:16pm - 1651 N Claremont is coded out 6Paul because Beat 1434 passed by it on the way to Paulina and Wabansia.

2:18pm - Now the male from the 1:59pm job is having a heart attack and EMS is on the way.

2:19pm - Suspicious vehicle. Elston and Fullerton. A guy is honking his horn at a customer in the parking lot of Wick's Furniture. The vehicle is a black pick-up.

2:21pm - Beat car 1441 has a traffic stop at Central Park and Dickens.

2:22 to 2:23pm - I switched the radio over to Zone 12 because I spotted multiple squad cars flying down my street and I wanted to know what was happening.

2:29pm - The 1:59/2:18pm jobs are coded out 19Paul. Being duped out to Illinois Ambulance 3.

2:34pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. 921 N Ashland. Male Hispanic just bailed from a car on Beat 1395. The officer says the guy's running south, but I think they're going north because she says they're heading towards Ashland and Haddon.

2:35pm - Dispatch and officers are confused as into where Beat car 1395 is because she keeps giving different locations on Ashland.

2:36pm - The offender is a male Hispanic, 40 yrs old, with a black jacket, blue shirt and blue jeans. He's got facial hair. He's 6 feet tall and 180 lbs. Beat 1395 knows this offender because she's given him traffic violations in the past.

2:38pm - A citizen says that the offender ran west on Division from Milwaukee and Ashland.

2:40pm - Another citizen says that the offender hopped on a Blue Line train.

2:41pm - One of the 13th districts units found a black jacket on the nearby ground.

2:42pm - Police/dispatch chatter regarding this foot chase.

2:44pm - Theft in progress. 1631 W Armitage. At the METRA station. Male stealing bikes.

2:45pm - The offender from the 2:44pm job is walking west on Armitage with the bikes.

2:46pm - Beat 1432 has the 2:44pm offender stopped at Ashland and Webster.

2:47pm - Beat car 1413 has a station assignment to 3102 W Palmer.

2:56pm - Traffic accident. 2327 N Sawyer. Two cars. No injures.

2:57pm - Gang disturbance. Diversey and California. Two male Hispanics with a black hoodie and one with a white hoodie. 2) Disturbance. 1641 N Rockwell. Anoymous caller says a guy is washing his car and playing music.

2:58pm - Beat 1432 asks for a directive patrol event number. It's 11202.

3:00pm - 1) Update on the 2:57pm job - Now the guys are flashing gang signs. 2) Beat car 1441 is over at the 2:57/3:00pm jobs and has those guys stopped.

3:01pm - Alarm. 1832 N Rockwell. General motion.

3:02pm - Disturbance. 3500 W Fullerton. On the southeast corner, near the store. Males loitering and selling drugs.

3:04pm - Criminal damage. 2500 N Milwaukee. At the Mega Mall. Teenagers are damaging and trespassing to the mall in hours when it's closed.

3:06pm - Domestic disturbance. 3219 W Armitage. Problem with male friend over personal property.

3:07pm - Beat 1412 has a traffic stop at Belden and Kedzie. He's alright but he wants one more car, no emergency though, because there's three guys in the car and they look like gangbangers. Beat car 1414 says they'll go over.

3:08pm - The 2:57/3:00pm jobs are coded out 19Paul, though Beat 1411 will keep an eye out on the male with the white hoodie.

3:14pm - It sounds like the 2:56pm job's accident moved over to 2327 N Spaulding.

3:15pm - The 3:02pm job is coded out 5Boy.

3:23pm - Beat 1405 has a high speed chase. North and Central Park. The car, an older gold car with no plates, is running all stop signs and lights.

3:24pm - The chase has been terminated for 14. The 25th district is being made aware and they'll probably restart the chase.

3:25pm - Zone 12 sends the message out over their air.

3:26pm - Burglar alarm. 2631 N Kimball. Front and kitchen motion.

3:31pm - An RD number has been pulled on the 3:04pm job. It's HR229455 with the event number of 12426.

3:42pm - Wires down. 2835 W Lyndale. Wires are down in the alley.

3:43pm - Beat car 1495 is going in with a TBD, probably from the 2:57/3:14pm jobs.

3:47pm - 1) Beat 1495 has arrived. Council time is 15:47 hours. 2) The wires on the 3:42pm job aren't hot or anything. 19Paul.

3:53pm - Burglary in progress. 3036 N Califorina. Caller states that a male Hispanic with a red shirt and yellow hat is breaking into a business in the alley. Note: Beat car 1441 is en route.

3:55pm - A slow down is given on the 3:53pm job.

3:56pm - A total disregard is given on the 3:53pm job. Beat 1411 wants to know who called it in. It was an anoymous caller. The job is coded out 19Paul.

4:02pm - Beat car 1405 does a check at Haas and Holstein Parks. The event number for Haas is 12322 and Holstein's is 12323.

4:09pm - 1) Person down. Damen and Armitage. Homless man down. 2) Burglar alarm. 1857 N Damen. No further information. 3) Parker. 2431 N Richmond. Grey and red car blocking something.

4:10pm - Narcotics. 3579 W Fullerton. Males are selling drugs on the corner.

4:16pm - One of the units is being held down per Beat 1499 on the 1:38pm thing.

4:19pm - Commercial alarm. 2901 N Kedzie. Front door motion. Two males on scene without the proper code.

4:21pm - Disturbance. 1600 N Talman. Problem with the neighbor over a parking space.

4:23pm - I'm going to go now. Enjoy the day, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

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