Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Traffic stop at 2615 N Pulaski

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:11pm. Sorry I never returned last night, but my sister got sick and my mom and I took care of her. She's doing somewhat better now. Anyway, here is crime for this afternoon and evening.

4:08pm - Beat car 2505 has a traffic stop at 2615 N Pulaski.

4:18pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check at Kelvyn Park.

4:47pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Lorel and Lemonye. Male Black with a black coat and skull cap is running north. Dang. One of my classmates lives right there.

4:48pm - The offender is heading towards Lockwood.

4:49pm - The offender from the 4:47pm foot chase is in custody.

4:52pm - 1) Suspicious person. 3750 W Diversey. In the north alley. A male Black who is short and heavy set appears to be selling speakers from a car. When the caller asked him to move, he cursed them out. The car appears to have no plates or anything. 2) Beat car 2525 gets a parker on the PDT.

About 5:04 to 5:10pm - I had the radio turned down by accident, so I didn't hear anything. Sorry.

5:56pm - Anoymous 911 call about four to five gang members throwing bottles at Milwaukee and Belmont.

6:23pm - Police are taking one into 25 from the 5:56pm job. Also, a few police officers are acting silly over the radio about this.

6:34pm - Theft. 2732 N Avers. At Koz Park. Something was stolen out of a locker.

6:47pm - Criminal damage in progress. Hamlin and Wellington. Two males and a female damaging a red car.

6:59pm - Robbery. 3055 N Milwaukee. The deli was robbed at gunpoint by a male Hispanic.

7:00pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Male Black with a green jacket running south on Lavergne from West End. About 25 seconds later, the offender's heading west in the alley between Washington and West End.

7:01pm - 1) The offender from the foot chase hasn't made it out yet. 2) It has been stated that the offender is in custody. 3) General police/dispatch chatter about the foot chase.

7:02pm - A flash is given out from the 7pm job. Wanted for attempted armed Robbery are two male Hispanics in their mid 20s. One has long hair. Both offenders are "average height". They fled south on Milwaukee. Also, a Polish speaker is needed because of a language barrier.

7:04pm - The owner(s) believe(s) that the offenders may be drunk or homless people from the area on Milwaukee, AKA "Drunk Boulevard" (that's what I call it).

7:11pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be coming back shortly.

7:25pm - I'm back. I kept my promise :-).

7:28pm - Theft in progress. 2501 N Monticello. Two males stealing from a red astro van.

7:41pm - Domestic Battery. 3910 W Wellington. On the 3. Boyfriend hit the caller.

7:51pm - Disturbance. 3100 N Tripp. 30 males loitering on the corner.

8:02pm - Disturbance. 4435 W Altgeld. Sounds like there's a problem with the girlfriend's ex boyfriend who's wanted for domestic battery under HR186209.

8:26pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone. I don't know when I'll be here tomorrow afternoon since I'm going to a funeral for a friend who died over the weekend.

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