Friday, March 27, 2009

Prostitue on Armitage

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:26am. I'll be here all day today. Here is crime for today.

12:21am - Prostitution. 4036 W Armitage. Female in the rear with a male, possibly doing things.

12:22am - EMS run. Hamlin and Palmer. Someone put something in somebody's drink. I guess they're ill now.

12:25am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. In the coverage area. A male Black with a black hoodie, about 5'6 and around 160 pounds took off from Beat car 2525 in the west alley of Central Park from Armitage.

12:28am - The male Black is running into the house at 3707 W McLean.

12:29am - The subject is in custody. Good night, everyone.

11:11am - I'm back. I didn't go to bed until nearly 5am, so that's why I wasn't here until now.

11:12am - Check the well being. 3901 W Fullerton. A female hasn't been heard from in days.

11:33am - Disturbance. 3801 W Belmont. At Dunkin Donuts. Two intoxicated males refusing to leave.

11:34am - The 11:33am job is coded out as 19Boy.

11:48am - Reckless driver. 2019 N Avers. In the alley between Armitage and Dickens, a car is speeding. It's coded out 19Paul per Beat 2525.

11:58am - Battery in progress. 1929 N Pulaski. Two teens fighting in the group home.

12:05pm - A unit is disregard is given a disregard on the 11:58am job.

12:29pm - Sounds like Beat car 2533 has a car taking off from him at around Pulaski and Cortland.

12:30pm - Beat 2533 has the vehicle stopped at Pulaski and McLean.

12:31pm - A slow down is given at Pulaski and McLean. It turns out that the person driving the stolen vehicle was the owner. They found their car.

1:17pm - Disturbance. 2965 N Milwaukee. No further information.

1:19pm - Beat car 2544 will take the 1:17pm job after his lunch.

1:41pm - A job was given out about a car at 2024 N Pulaski.

2:00pm - Beat 2544 codes out the 1:17pm as 19Paul.

2:06pm - Reckless driver. 2800 N Central Park. Two tow truck driver running red lights.

2:40pm - Narcotics. Fullerton and Central Park. Two male Hispanics, one with a blue jacket and one with a yellow jacket, doing drugs. The one in the yellow jacket is holding the drugs. They're both wearing dark pant.

3:41pm - Parker. 2024 N Hamlin. No further information.

3:42pm - Shots fired. Wolfram and Central Park. Anonymous call of 5 shots fired.

3:48pm - Disturbance. 3800 W North. No further information.

3:51pm - Beat car 2544 codes out the 3:42pm job as 19Paul because nothing has been heard or seen by him.

3:55pm - Criminal damage to property. 3611 W Belmont. Gangbangers broke out the window to a burgundy Buick.

3:59pm - Battery in progress. 2900 N Kenneth. Large crowd fighting.

4:15 to 4:28pm - I wasn't paying too much attention.

4:28pm - Beat 2555 asks for an event number for the DOC mission.

4:32pm - Beat car 2525 asks for an RD number on probably from a job (altough I didn't hear anything). It's HR2385XX with the event number of 12866.

4:36pm - Beat 2525 is heading in with one to 25. 16:36 is the council time.

4:55pm - Prostitution. 2415 N Harding. Female Black with cream colored pants and high-heeled boots is using a vacant house to "do her thing". A male officer sounds like he likes the sound of that.

5:28pm - Beat car 2522 has a traffic stop at Avers and Palmer.

5:36pm - Sex offense. Central Park and Milwaukee. Male White showing his penis to people. He's wearing a grey sweatshirt and badge/white pants.

5:37pm - Beat 2522 has the subject from the 5:36pm job stopped at Milwaukee and Monticello. They also want to know if it's an anonymous call.

6:09pm - Disturbance. 3700 W Fullerton. At Prime Real Estate. Kids throwing rocks at passing cars.

6:19pm - Person wanted. North and Avers. Female that damaged the caller's car is outside right now.

6:37pm - Beat car 2524 gets a parker on the PDT.

6:40pm - Gang disturbance. 2917 N Springfield. Gang members flashing signs and refusing to leave.

6:53pm - Person with a knife. Konster and Schubert. Male pulled out a knife and broke the caller's volleyball with it.

6:55pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. 4744 W Fulton. The subject is running towards Cicero and Fulton. The subject's a male Black that is 6 foot tall and has braids. This is from a shots fired call that Beat 1554 had at about West End and Lavergne. The subject is armed with a '9 handgun.

6:56pm - The subject is supposed to be going through the yards on Fulton. At about 4740. For a few seconds, it sounds like they lost him. All officers need to use caution since the subject is armed with a gun.

6:57pm - A slow down is given at 4744 W Fulton. The subject is in custody.

6:59pm - The subject claims to have broken his foot while jumping over a gate.

7:01pm - EMS run. Milwaukee and Hamlin. Intoxicated male is bleeding at the bus stop.

7:02pm - Beat car 2524 asks for a call back on either the 6:37 or 6:53pm job. Dispatch says that neither her or her partner speak Spanish.

7:25pm - Beat 2524 is on a street stop at 2534 N Central Park.

7:30pm - The 7:01pm job is coded out 9Ida by Beat car 2523.

7:43pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2740 N Ridgeway. No further information.

7:51pm - Domestic disturbance. 3629 W Dickens. Apartment 3A. Problem with the mother's boyfriend.

8:06pm - 1) Disturbance. 3123 N Milwaukee. At the Red Apple. Disturbance with a customer. 2) Assist the citzien. 3025 N Pulaski. A male White with a black and white coat, and blue jogging pants with white stripes on them is lost.

8:37pm - Beat car 2523 asks dispatch to get permission from their supervisor to relocate their person from 3025 N Pulaski to 5252 W Warner. Permission is granted and it's 20:37 on the clock. 2523 also asks if 16 has any missing from that location.

8:40pm - Dispatch answers Beat 2523's question. There is in fact a missing from 5252 W Warner.

8:47pm - Beat car 2563Adam had a stop on 2617 N Springfield. They're going into 25 with one. They also ask for an RD number which is HR238977 with the event number of 18250.

8:48pm - 1) Theft. 3740 W Belden. At the Lutheran Catholic school. Kids took stuff out of the gym. 2) Beat 2525 also gets some parkers on the beat.

8:57pm - Beat 2523 codes out the 3025 N Pulaski job as 13John. The man has been returned to his family.

9:03pm - Beat car 2563Eddie had a stop at 2623 N Pulaski. They're going into 25 with one. They also ask for an RD number which is HR238999 with the event number of 18550.

10:14pm - Disturbance. 3605 W Belmont. Problem with the tenant.

10:22pm - Disturbance. 3121 N Milwaukee. Problem with the homeless male.

10:29pm - Beat 2523 codes out the 10:14pm job as 5Ocean and asks for a call back on the 10:22pm job.

10:30pm - Beat car 2573 says that the caller told him that the homeless guy ran away.

10:32pm - Beat 2573 found the homless male at 3141 N Davlin and he's requesting EMS.

10:35pm - Gang disturbance. 3626 W Shakespeare. No further information.

10:40pm - Parker. 2740 N Lawndale. No further information.

11:19pm - Gang disturbance. Central Park and Fullerton. 4 to 5 gangbangers causing problems.

11:25pm - Beat car 45Tom75Boy is at the 11:19pm job, running some IDs.

11:52pm - Suspicious person. 2923 N Springfield. Male Hispanic with a blue baseball cap and grey sweater keeps walking from a car, through the gangway, to the front.

11:58pm- Battery in progress. Schubert and Kildare. Several people fighting as result of an auto accident.

11:59pm - I'm going to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

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