Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Time begins

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:17am. Today, Daylight Savings Time begins. At 2am, the clocks turn back to 1am, so I think I'll get another hour of sleep. Let's see how this may make crime go up or down. Anyway, here is crime for today.

12:10am - Person down. Fullerton and Keeler. No further information.

12:12am - Person down. North and Lawndale. Man down on the ground. This is the last call I'm covering for a few hours while I sleep. Good night, everyone.

8:20am - I'm back and Beat car 2523 reports that the lights at Belmont and Pulaski are flashing red.

9:32am - Beat 2524 asks for a SOB Burglary mission.

10:04am - Beat car 2523 gets a parker on Lawndale.

10:19am - It's about time. Beat 2523 is doing foot patrol on the 2900 block of N Lawndale.

10:24am - Beat car 2523 gets another parker.

10:26am - Beat 2524 gets a parker also.

10:40am - Assist the citizen. 4124 W Barry. On the 1. The caller wants police to throw out garbage that the former tenants left. Why can't the caller do it theirself?

10:47am - Beat car 2524 is with 2523 on the 10:40am job. General chatter about this job.

11:37am - EMS run. 2947 N Springfield. Unresponsive female.

11:41am - A unit is going in with one from 2820 N Tripp on a follow-up from RD number HR204443.

11:42am - Traffic accident. Wellington and Avers. Engine 91 was involved in an accident, probably on the way to the 11:37am job.

11:56am - Beat 2523 needs a Hospitalization case report from the 11:37am job.

12:12pm - Sounds like the female from the 11:37am job may have died because an RD number is pulled. It's HR204716 with the event number of 0651X (didn't catch the last number).

12:17pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 2520 N Hamlin. On the 2.

12:26pm - Alarm. 2965 N Milwaukee. At the bank.

12:35pm - The lights are still flashing red at Belmont and Pulaski.

12:54pm - Disturbance. 3953 W Diversey. At the Golden Nugget. Male in a wheelchair is panhandling in front.

1:50pm - I haven't been paying too much attention in the last 30 minutes. Anyway, due to severe weather coming in, I'm turning the radio over to WBBM until the severe weather stops.

6:07pm - Assault in progress. North and Avers. Two gangbangers arguing by Family Dollar.

6:10pm - Beat car 2530 says they're gone from the 6:07pm job and it's coded out 19Paul.

6:27pm - Beat 2524 has a stop at 4159 W Fullerton.

6:29pm - Traffic accident. Armitage and Avers. No further information. Beat car 2593Tom, the unit assigned to this job, keeps complaining about how he's assigned to jobs, so dispatch will call the parties and tell them to go into 25 to do the report and codes it out 18Boy.

6:32pm - Beat 2524 is going into 25 with a TBD from the 6:27pm thing.

6:42pm - Battery in progress. 3754 W Palmer. Two females fighting.

6:45pm - Beat car 2525 doesn't see anything on the 6:42pm job.

6:47pm - Theft. 3024 N Pulaski. At the laundrat mat. Male White, orange hat, white shirt, blue jeans and somebody in black pajamas stole the caller's clothing, so the caller must be naked now.

7:01pm - Battery vitcim injured. Fullerton and Avers. Two calls. The first call says that a person was knocked out by a male Hispanic who drove off in a black two-door car. The second call says that this is a traffic accident. The person was hit by the car. EMS en route.

7:11pm - Beat 2525 asks if fire made a removal from the 7:01pm job. Dispatch replies that everyone returned to HQ on that one. 2525 replies that they'll look around a little bit then code it out.

7:18pm - Car alarm. 3148 N Karlov. The car alarm on the dark green SUV with the busted right window that has tape on it has been going off since yesterday.

7:27pm - Parker. 1700 block of N Harding. Premits.

7:46pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2517 N Monticello. White Ford cargo van has been there a while and it's partially blocking the driveway.

7:48pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Tripp. Males loitering on the corner.

7:51pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow morning.

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