Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bus alarm on CTA bus #1348

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:36pm. Today has been an ok day. Glad we've got a 3 day weekend. Anyway, here is crime for this afternoon/evening.

3:35pm - Bus alarm. 3758 W Diversey. CTA bus #1348's alarm is going off.

3:56pm - Battery in progress. 3745 W Armitage. Bunch of females beating up on one.

3:58pm - Gang disturbance. 2019 N Avers. Gangbangers racing in the alley between Avers and Hamlin. They're also doing drugs.

3:59pm - Beat car 2505 codes out the 3:58pm job as 19Paul.

4:01pm - Now teenagers are fighting on bus #1348 at Diversey and Lawndale. It's standing.

4:03pm - Assault in progress. 3606 W Cortland. Gangbangers chasing and doing other things to the caller.

4:22pm - 1) Municipal ordinance violation. 4141 W Wellington. Sounds like there's drag racing going on. 2) Person down. Avers and Milwaukee. Ambulance 57 already took a "drunk" (as 2546 calls it) to Norwegian Hospital.

4:26pm - Person wanted. Avers and Wellington. The man who robbed the caller is driving in the area with a green Crown Vic. Last seen west on Wellington. This ticket has some time on it.

4:39pm - Beat 2523 has a traffic stop at 3914 W Diversey. When they finish, they're getting a suspicious object and a disturbance on the PDT.

4:44pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3831 W Diversey. I guess there are suspicious people inside of a vehicle.

4:50pm - The suspicious object job on 2523's PDT is coded out 19Boy because it's a toy grenade.

4:51pm - Wanted from the 4:26pm job are two male Hispanics and a male Black who were driving a (possible) ex-Checker's yellow and green Crown Vic car sped off from the 2900 block of N Avers. Also on the car is a black bumper.

4:52pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 4123 W Nelson. Two male Whites, one with a grey sweatshirt and blue hat, and another one with a black shirt and blue jeans, are trespassing in the 2nd floor vacant apartment.

4:55pm - Assault. 2223 N Keeler. Female Hispanic with red hair and a white SUV attempted to lure the 15 yr old son into the car.

5:20pm - 1) EMS run. Milwaukee and Haussen. Intoxicated male down. 2) Disturbance. Milwaukee and Hamlin. Male White with a green hoodie, who is intoxicated, blocking traffic.

5:21pm - Domestic disturbance. 3943 W Diversey. Apartment 314. Problem with the girlfriend.

5:26pm - Domestic Battery. 1848 N Harding. The wife hit the caller.

5:31pm - I'm going to take a nap for a little while. I'll be back soon.

8:34pm - I'm back and 2523 gets a disturbance on the Beat after lunch.

8:39pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Konster. Male Hispanic with a suit jacket and slacks is bothering people as they walk by.

8:52pm - Sounds like a unit says there's alot of females on the corner of Fullerton and Monticello.

8:54pm - Beat car 2566David gets a selling on 2523's beat.

9:04pm - Battery. 4209 W Fullerton. Female "friend" beat up the caller.

9:05pm - A 4400 unit is running a name at Fullerton and Karlov.

9:13 to 9:16pm - I had to change the batteries of my radio.

9:39pm - There was a parker somewhere in the coverage area.

9:46pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. A white caddy took off from 2566Adam at North and Springfield. Two male Hispanics are in the car.

9:47pm - The car is heading north on Keystone from Wabansia. Beat 2599 inquires why this chase has been started. They say it started because these guys may have been involved in a robbery.

9:48pm - The car is heading north on Keeler towards Armitage. About 15 seconds later, the male is in custody at 1943 N Tripp in the alley. Muitlple slow downs and a couple of total disregards are given.

About 9:55 to 9:59pm - My radio died out and I had no idea.

10:08pm - Disturbance. Milwaukee and Central Park. Intoxicated male in the parking lot.

10:23pm - Auto theft in progress. Monticello and Wabansia. Two male Hispanics, one in a white shirt and another one are stealing a red car.

10:53pm - Parker. 3604 W Shakespeare. Car in violation of something.

11:22pm - Assault in progress. 3033 N Avers. Details to follow.

11:50pm - Battery in progress. Karlov and Armitage. Male getting beaten by other males.

11:51pm - Beat 2544 says they see nothing on the 11:50pm job.

11:53pm - Beat car 2523 has a couple of parkers on the beat.

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