Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brown Ford blocking space on Lawndale

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:13am. Today is the last day of March. Tomorrow will be April 1st, which means that warmer weather will finally come (in the next few weeks). It also means that tomorrow is April Fool's Day. I'm not really looking forward to that because factored with near 55 degree temps and sunny skies, I think crime may increase. Anyway, here is crime for this morning before I leave and for this afternoon/evening.

6:08am - Parker. 3133 N Lawndale. Brown Ford blocking the handicapped space.

9:56am - Sorry I never let you guys know that I left this morning. I left at 6:40. I'll be back this afternoon.

3:31pm - I'm back. Anyway, there's police/dispatch chatter of a person around Milwaukee and Lawndale or Central Park and Oakdale that may be wanted for something. I'm not sure on the details but they've got Beat car 2573 heading west on Oakdale from Central Park. I'll try my best to get some more info on it.

3:41pm - Beat 2504 is talking about an incident that happened at the Monroe school. I'm not sure on the details of this incident either, but the officer says that the offender (a student from Monroe) has left for the day.

Around 3:50pm - Traffic accident at 3913 W Fullerton.

3:57pm - Beat 2523 gets a disturbance on the PDT.

4:08pm - Disturbance. 3659 W Diversey. Problem with the owner of the hair salon.

5:07pm - Narcotics. Milwaukee and Hamlin. No further information.

5:08pm - Person wanted. 3816 W Wrightwood. In the basement. A person is wanted by the Montgomery County Sheriff. A unit from Montgomery is en route.

5:10pm - Beat car 2523 is taking a ride on the 5:08pm job along with 2524.

5:12pm- Beat 2524 asks for a call back on the 5:08pm job. Dispatch replies that the unit is en route.

5:53pm - Unknown happening at 2421 N Tripp.

5:56pm - Narcotics. Central Park and Fullerton. Six male Hispanics, one in a yellow wind breaker coat and another one in a grey coat, are selling drugs.

5:59pm - Parker. On 2524's beat. No further information.

6:37pm - Beat car 2523 is on a traffic stop at Lawndale and Diversey.

6:43pm - Theft. 3025 N Pulaski. A middle eastern woman, about 5'5, 160 pounds, slim bulid, long hair pulled back, green t-shirt and blue denim jeans stole some stuff. The owner chased her down and got the stuff but now she's hanging out by the bank in the strip mall.

6:55 to about 7:00pm - I was outside fliming the heavy downpour.

7:02pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon

7:16pm - I'm back from eating. Assault somewhere on Armitage. Something about a tenant being threatened.

7:45pm - I'm going to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

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