Monday, March 16, 2009

Premise check at the pumping station

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:24am. Today, I head back to school after a nice weekend off. I'm actually kind of ready to head back. Anyway, here is crime before I leave this morning and for this afternoon/evening.

6:23am - Beat car 2535 does a premise check at 1747 N. Springfield, at the pumping station.

6:45am - I have to go now. Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back this afternoon.

3:31pm - I'm back. Gang disturbance at 3700 W Dickens and something at the bank, 2965 N Milwaukee.

4:03pm - Beat 2523 gets a car smoking call on PDT.

4:12pm - 1) Domestic disturbance. 2221 N Springfield. The 14 yr daughter's combative. 2) Beat car 2525 gets some parkers and other stuff.

4:15pm - Ride w/ Fire. Palmer and Keeler. Car on fire.

4:25pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check at Ken-well park.

4:28pm - The 4:12pm job is duped out to CFD #76.

4:36pm - Beat car 2505 asks if there's been any calls of gang disturbances in and near Ken-well park.

4:37pm - Disturbance. 3706 W North. Male drinking on the property.

4:51pm - Gang disturbance. 2000 N Keystone. Gang members flashing signs.

5:19pm - Vicious animal. 2945 N Kenshoa. At Ken-well park. No further information.

5:26pm - Beat 2505 is running a plate at Ken-well park.

5:28pm - Beat car 2505's plate comes back clear and valid.

5:29pm - Beat 2505 is now running a DL.

5:36pm - Beat car 2505's DL comes back clear and their event number is 13221.

5:42pm - Gang disturbance. 2417 N Ridgeway. Gang members congregating.

5:46pm - Beat 2505 is doing a park check at Kelyvn Park.

5:47pm - Beat car 2590 sees a disturbance at 3049 N Avers on dispatch's board. He's heading over there. The ticket reads that two kids are breaking bottles.

5:48pm - 1) Battery. Fullerton and Ridgeway. Two females and a huge crowd just beat up the caller. One offender has on a white shirt. Both offenders have blondish hair. 2) Vice in progress. 3651 W Schubert. At the Monroe school. No further information.

6:02pm - Beat 2505 is clear from Kelvyn Park.

6:06pm - Disturbance. 3943 W Diversey. Apartment 12 (unknown which floor though). Gangbangers tried to take the caller's keys. Note: I know the person who called but will not reveal their name.

6:07pm - A call back is asked for the 6:06pm job since there are multiple units in the building.

6:08pm - Beat car 2590 codes out the 5:47 and 6:06pm jobs. The 6:06pm job was coded out because only one person answered the door and said they didn't call the police.

6:10pm - Apparently the 6:06pm job is being un coded because 2523 is doing paper on it.

6:20pm - Beat 2551 has a hand waver at Pulaski and Diversey.

6:21 to 6:22pm - Beat car 2551 chatters with dispatch regarding the 6:06pm job and a hand waver. 2551 asked dispatch if there was any prior history with this caller. The other day, says dispatch, the caller called about a known male hitting them. That was coded out 19Paul. The officer also asked for the 6:06pm caller's name and when dispatch read it out, it was revealed that the caller's name is different from 2551's hand waver.

6:23pm - Person down. 4454 W Parker. Male is down. He may be hurt. He may be intoxicated and sleeping off his drunkness.

6:25pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Beat 2563Eddie has one running in the 1600 block of N Long. He's wearing a white shirt with a black shirt under it. He's also wearing shorts.

6:26pm - The suspect has one arm in his sleeve. This was the exact description from a job in that area earlier, around 5:15pm.

6:27pm - Multiple cops, especially the annoying cop on Beat car 2593Tom, keep coming over the air even though there's an emergency on the Zone. Dispatch yells at the cops. About 15 seconds later, 2563E says dispatch can open the air.

6:33pm - Beat 2524 is asking for an ambulance at the 6:23pm job.

6:38pm - Apparently everything at the 6:06pm job is being coded out again. 19Paul per Beat car 2551.

6:49pm - Beat car 2524 gets a vice complaint and 2523 gets a parker.

6:52pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

7:04pm - I'm back from eating.

7:06pm - Suspicious person. 2600 block of N Lawndale. A male Black who is 6'2 with a blue hoodie and jeans, along with a male Hispanic with a black hoodie and blue jeans, are suspicious. They're heading towards Schubert.

7:25pm - Beat 2524 codes out the 7:06pm job as 11Boy. Also, there is a fire at 2978 N Milwaukee. In front of Animal Kingdom. Someone set a homeless man's shopping cart on fire.

7:26pm - Beat car 2566David has a street stop at 2542 N Pulaski.

7:32pm - 1) Disturbance. 2934 N Ridgeway. Kids in all black hoodies who tagged a garage there last year and don't live in the area are causing a disturbance. 2) Parker. 2106 N Springfield. A Pontiac Grand Am is blocking the driveway.

7:42pm - Beat 2525 gets a narcotics call on their beat.

7:43pm - Traffic accident. Palmer and Pulaski. A driver, who is intoxicated, is refusing to give information.

7:50pm - 1) A Spainish speaker is needed at the 7:43pm job. 2) The 7:26pm job is coded out as 16Paul.

7:52pm - The disturbance on Ridgeway is coded out 19Paul.

7:53pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

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