Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ski mask guy has gun

Good early morning, everyone, it's 12:31am. Well, there isn't too much to say, except that last night and early this morning were and continue to be foggy and rather active on Zone 12's radio. Today is going to be real rainy (1 to 2 inches possible). I'm also trying to find an online feed for Zone 12 so I could listen to it all day without any interruptions. I'll let you all know on my success, but here is crime for today.

12:27am - Person with a gun. Palmer and Central Park. Male with gun is wearing a ski mask.

1:16am - I'm going to go for a few hours while I sleep. Good night, everyone.

2:36am - Burglar alarm. 3651 W Schubert. At the Monroe School (my old school. Go figure. An alarm last went off on the 10th of July of this year and on the 13th, it was revealed that the school was broken into). An alarm is going off.

2:52am - A power surge hits my block. No 911 calls on it, though.

3:00am - EMS run. 2536 N Avers. Possible overdose.

3:04am - Disturbance. 4048 W Barry. The landlady changed the locks for no reason.

3:10am - There's a severe thunderstorm that may be coming into the city, according to the weather channel. WTF?
I'm back. It's 10:24am. I was up much later than excepted earlier today. I went to bed around 3:30am due to an extremely slow computer with updates on top of it.

11:44am - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Two male Blacks are running from 1585Frank at Washington and Parkside. They're running northbound. They refused to stop.

11:45am - One person is in custody at Washington and Parkside.

11:46am - 1585F is still looking for one, who ran northbound on Parkside. He is a male Black and he has brown shoes, blue jeans and a black skull cap.

11:47am - 1585F's partner caught the other person at 130 N Parkside. A slow down is given.

11:49am - Beat car 1523 is going in with one from this foot chase.

1:14pm - Residental alarm. 4021 W Parker. No further information.

1:36pm - There is a gang disturbance somewhere on 2524's beat.

1:46pm - EMERGENCY on Zone 12. Foot pursuit. Washington and Long. Male Black running west on Washington.

1:47pm - The offender is in custody. Washington and Long. A slow down is given.

1:59pm - Disturbance. 3929 W Fullerton. Men are sleeping in the hallway.

2:59pm - Info for the police at 3944 W. Dickens, selling at 2158 N. Hamlin and parkers on 2524's beat.

3:04pm - My mom is going to take the radio, so I will not be reporting any crime here until I get it back.
6:56pm - Shots fired. Diversey and Monticello. Couple of shots fired.

11:42pm - Shots fired. Couple of calls coming in. First call at 3120 N Central Park. Then another one at Belmont and Monticello. About four to six shots fired.

11:46pm - Car on fire. 3910 W Cortland.

11:52pm - Possible 10-1. 6251 W Grand. Sounds like shots fired at the police from a job. Subject is running west. One cop is screaming for cars. He even said "WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!" because I guess there was somebody running or something.

11:55pm - Shots fired. Near the action. Palmer and Melvina. Two male Hispanics are firing shots.

11:59pm - Person calling for help. Killbourn and Diversey. Female screaming for the police.

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