Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday, December 6: Snowy and cold

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:56am. Well, it has been a snowy and cold day so far today. We have picked up at least 2 inches of snow outside already. Well, here is crime for today:

11:00am - Disturbance. At the bank. Milwaukee and Central Park. Someone is having a problem with somebody. There is also a dog running loose through the bank's parking lot.

11:08am - The 11am job has been coded out 19Paul. Also, a domestic disturbance is occurring at 3140 N Central Park.

11:32am - Attempted Burglary (from what it sounds like) at 2212 N Central Park. Someone tried to steal something out of a backyard but was spooked off.
5:56pm - Disturbance. 3167 N Milwaukee. Someone is causing a disturbance at Burger King.

6:18pm - The same person who caused the disturbance at Burger King is now at Taco Bell (right next door to Burger King) causing another disturbance.

6:38pm - Criminal damage to property. Harding and Barry. No further information.

6:42pm - The offender from the 6:38pm job is heading towards Belmont and Springfield. This is the last call I'm doing until my mother heads to bed (she's got the scanner in the kitchen and she's listening to it. We made a deal last night that she could have the scanner today, lol). I just heard these calls while I was in the kitchen.

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