Monday, December 8, 2008

My observations on school

Hey everyone, last week wasn't too bad. Here is what occurred:

December 2: On Tuesday, a seizure occurred. We went on a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art for the day (before the seizure happened). We observed the stuff in the muesum. No big deal, but when we got back to school and got into about 15 minutes into our group discussion, one of the kids bit his lip and said some curse word. Another kid went "oooo," because he heard a swear word, but nobody cared because the kid who said the swear word started to shake and he fell to the floor. The teachers sprung into action, seeing this a seizure happening. They grabbed some blankets to keep the kid's head turned a bit to the right so he didn't shallow his tongue (a usual occurrence in seizures) and stayed close to him so he didn't shake too much. One of the teachers then ran for the nurse. We had two nurses and a security guard (who panicky said for a teacher to "call 911!") to run into the room. Nurse one went over to the kid having the seizure and said "can you hear me??". Since I was rushed out of the room by teachers so they could do what they needed to do, I don't know what happened next besides a teacher making a call to the kid's mother and 911. It was chaos because the teachers were running around, trying to find medical forms and everything for this kid while trying to get the rest of us onto our school buses to go home. That's all I have on this situation.

December 3: On Wednesday, a few signs of afternoon brawls coming back were seen. This morning, as I arrived into the school building, a girl and a guy were having a heated dispute a few feet away from my locker. I didn't catch most of it, but I did catch the lines "Well, you know what, I'm gonna get you!!" from the girl. The boy took off running and the girl chased him up the stairs. The boy nearly ran over another girl on the stairs, who went "WHOA!" and looked in surprise as the other girl took off running after the boy. I shook my head and went to class. At 8:30, I went to English (which was being held in the library to my surprise). Nothing happened there besides that typical boy/girl argument. At 9:21, that class ended and I went to Division. I saw or heard nothing as I was making my way to Division. Division went by and next thing I knew, it was time for Computer class. For nearly once, normal work happened in Computer class, along with some complaints about the work. At 10:30, the bell rang and I headed to 4th period class. Nothing happened there. At about 11:24, the bell rang and I headed to lunch. Besides the slow lunch line, nothing really occurred. At 12, my classmates and I went back to class and hung out for a few minutes before it was time for gym. Bell rang at 12:14 and gym ended at 1pm. I went to my locker to grab my stuff for Algebra. Here's when some action happens. On the second floor I believe, a bunch of yelling is heard. I walked past the second floor on my way to the 3rd floor. I saw a bunch of kids crowding around what may have been a fight. I continued up to class, but a few minutes after I got there, one of the kids tells the teacher that they were late because of a fight at their locker and the kid couldn't get past the fight. I also hear that another kid's backpack was stolen from their locker sometime in the day. That's crazy if you ask me. At 1:50, the bell rang. About 10 seconds after I left that class, a boy was seen running down the hallway with one or two girl(s) chasing after him, screaming something I couldn't make out. I went back down stairs for the group discussion (we talked about how we were feeling and why we felt that way), got my stuff after it was over, got on my bus and went home. By the way, there was no word on how the kid from Tuesday's accident is doing.

December 4: On Thursday, things were rather crazy. Before 9:21am, everything was calm (so I won't comment for the time period before that), but when 9:21, a fight broke out between two boys. I wasn't on scene for that fight but I did see a security guard taking these boys to the dean of students room. Around 9:35, another fight reportedly broke out, but I was not around to confirm that. Lots of fights were also supposedly breaking out between the 9:44 and 1:00pm time frame. At 1pm, things were "calming down". After 1:00pm, I didn't see or hear anything until about 1:50. At around 1:50, a group was arguing near my homeroom. I couldn't catch exact words but lots of yelling and screaming were heard. I saw or heard nothing after that argument was over. By the way, the kid who had the accident on Tuesday was back today and he is doing well.

December 5: On Friday, things were much calmer then they were on Thursday. Other then a couple of here and there arguments, nothing else really happened, so it was nice to see things finally calmer then it has been recently.

December 8: Today, a couple of fights broke out on the second floor. At about 9:30 or 9:40, two girls were fighting. I don't know how it started, but I witnessed the two girls going at with a big crowd of kids gathering to watch it. I stayed for about 5 seconds to see it then I went upstairs to class. After that class was over at 10:30, I witnessed a bunch of guys running down the stairs fast to the second floor and when they got on that floor, they ran down the hallway and started throwing punches, then at the end of the day, one guy was running down the stairs too fast for his own good and he fell to the floor. Everyone started laughing but he got back up and kept going.

So, there you have it, almost an entire week of life at Sullivan.

- SullivanHSKid

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