Friday, December 12, 2008

Basketball game today at Uplift

Good morning everyone, it's 5:52am. Well, today, my autism class is going to Uplift High School to play a basketball game with their autistic group. I hope we at Sullivan win, because we've practiced very hard over the last two to three weeks. GO SULLIVAN!! Well, before I go for this morning, here is crime:
Good evening. It's 5:22pm. Well, we lost the game today at Uplift (36 to 22), but it was still a very good game and I enjoyed it, but now it's over, so we should get to crime for tonight:

4:35pm - An emergency is breaking out at the Cameron school, 1234 N Monticello. The school is on lock down due to two males having a gun in the school. Multiple units are rushing to the scene.

4:37pm - A couple of more calls are coming at Cameron. One is a request for a supervisor while the other is another "FBI tip" call.

4:40pm - A slow down has been given for Cameron school.

4:42pm - There was no males with guns in the school, but however, a big fight broke out in front of the school and police will being staying in the area for a little while.

4:54pm - Beat car 2590 is heading to Cameron to talk with 2535, who's talking to the principal.

5:09pm - Beat 2590 saids a parent came up to him, requesting that an officer give information to that person. Also, 2535 saids it was a bunch of non sense that occurred, but 2 people were beaten up (refusing EMS, however).

5:19pm - Ambluence 83 is enroute to Cameron for 2 people beaten up. Not sure if it's from earlier or if it's a new incident.

5:29pm - Commerical alarm. 3860 W Cortland. No further information.

5:30pm - Beat car 2535 is heading to Belmont and Milwaukee to care of some stuff (probably related to the Cameron incident). Looks like Cameron has calmed down.

6:54pm - Traffic accident on beat car 2522's box on 2525's beat. Also, I'm going to take a little nap now, so I'll be back a little later. See you all when I wake up.


Hollywood Beach said...

Good luck!

SullivanHighSchoolKid said...

Thanks for the complient, Hollywood! We had a very nice game, but unfortunely, Sullivan lost to Uplift. 22 to 36. We'll get em next time when we play them again in January (hopefully), this time on our turf!