Monday, December 1, 2008

My observations on school today

Even though it snowed last night and this morning, it didn't stop the kids from acting like goofballs.

When I arrived at school, about 10 minutes later than usual because of traffic and snow, I had instructed a kid in my class who is severly autisic (and non verbal also) to put his stuff away. No later than after he does that, two guys were arguing down the hallway. One of the guys was saying something to the other when the other kid pushed him against a locker and said "F--- you!! Moments like this are when you really piss me off!". The two guys proceeded into their first period class arguing. I stared at these guys, just thinking about that nonsense that just happened. Then I went to my 1st period class, my homeroom, Room 124.

At 8:30, the bell rung, so I went to my second period class which was English, on the thrid floor in Room 313. No more I come up the stairs, at least four girls are talking about fighting another girl after school. I thought I heard one girl mention that she was going to hit the other girl in the head with a curl ironer. Again, all I could think to myself is the nonsense.

In English, the typical arguement broke out between a girl and a guy about who's uglier I guess. They probably like each other, at least that's an only answer I could think of as into why they keep up with this arguing of theirs. Personally, I think the girl is sort of pretty, but I won't go into detail, lol. Then we all did our work. One guy got excited when the teacher announced she was going to be absent for school related reasons. She told him "Don't get too excited,". I just shrugged to myself since i'm not going to be there tomorrow (since there's a field trip for my class tomorrow), so I don't have to deal with no nonsense.

The bell rung again. It was 9:21am. I walked out of the classroom (after informing the teacher that I wasn't going to be there tomorrow so I could make up my work on Wednesday) to discover two girls arguing over something. I couldn't catch exact words on this arguement, but they were yelling and screaming at each other. I observed one concerned kid run down the hallway to inform security of this. Apparently, the two girls had started to fight, because by the time I got back to the first floor, at least four security guards were running up the stairs along with a police officer. I didn't stay to get more details since I didn't want to be labeled as someone who's in everyone's business and I had a class to attend, which was Division.

Division ended at 9:40am. I walked out into the hallway to get my stuff for my next class, which was computers in 327. As soon as I was done getting my stuff, I turned around to see a boy in handcuffs, with two police officers, a security guard and dean of students talking to him. Again, I didn't stay on scene.

I arrived at computers about a minute later. Nothing really exciting occurred in this class. Maybe except for the boy who fell out of his chair after spinning around in it (he was done with his work, but the teacher had told him MULTIPLE times not to spin around in his chair and to do something besides just talking).

At 10:30am, the bell rung. I went to my 4th period class (Spainish), which is on the east side of the Police Room. Since I was with my Autisic peers and they know how to act, I will not comment on them since they didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

45 minutes of that class went by. The bung rung at around 11:20am. I had lunch at this time, so I rushed to get my lunch out of my backpack and to head to the lunchroom. Other then waiting nearly 10 minutes for the line to actually start moving and clearing, nothing really happened, except for two boys who started to argue in the lunchroom. The arguement turned pyshical. One boy started shoving the other one to the ground and beat the crud out of him. This got the attention of everyone in the room. Almost every kid in the lunchroom stood up and watched the fight. Some people even gasped. Other than the three girls cheering on one of the guys, nobody went crazy with applause and cheers. They just watched.

One of my teachers told one of the security guards nearby of this situation. The security guard came almost instantly. She stepped in between the boys, separating them. She put one of them against a table while she held on to the other one. She called for another nearby security guard to help her escort these two boys to the Police Room i'm guessing. Everyone just went back to eating and conversating. It was a bit funny watching this happen almost out of nowhere, since it came to my attention when the gasps came.

I finished my lunch, went back to class with my friends from class and went to gym with them. Nothing happened in gym.

Now it was 1pm and I couldn't wait for my day to be over, since I had did some hard stuff in gym. I went back downstairs to get my stuff for Algerbra class in 320. I did that and reported to class. Nothing too much happened in there besides the usual talking.

The bell rung at 1:50pm. I went back downstairs to my final class of the day, which was back in 124. I was happy to be with my friends in this class. We had the usual group discussion (today we talked about our field trip tomorrow) then we went home, and now i'm here typing this.

- Timmy AKA Sullivan HS Kid


Hollywood Beach said...

Did you catch this article today about your school in the Chicago Journal?

SullivanHighSchoolKid said...

Thanks for the link, Hollywood Beach. I will say I agree with this article for the most part, with the exception of a school uniform. I just got out of a school with a uniform a few months ago and I like not having a uniform. I can look different everyday. Or, there can be a uniform, but maybe they can have us buy it for a couple of dollars and it could be reasonable.

R.P.S. said...

How can Craig Gernhardt pass himself off as a model and exemplary citizen, when he openly supports male prostitution? Seriously folks, Craig Gernhardt whines and complains about all of the crime in Rogers Park, and yet, he assists in supporting crime through out the greater Chicagoland Area. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is.

I mean correct me if I am wrong, but isn't prostitution still illegal here in the city of Chicago?

SullivanHighSchoolKid said...

Well, the stuff he copied from his scanner for Rogers Park inspired me to create my own crime blotter.

I've never seen anything about Craig supporting male prostitution and i've been reading archives of his site to at least back to June of this year and I have not seen a thing about him supporting male prostitution.

This is also my first time hearing about Craig supporting that. To be completey honest, I don't think Craig does support male prostitution (he don't seem like the type to me), but *IF* he did, i'd be real shocked.

And to answer your final question, yes, prostitution is illegal here in Chicago. It's been illegal as long as I can remember.

Hollywood Beach said...

Hmmm, I'd be curious to hear Craig's response. While I'm sure its not illegal to advertise for prostitution (it exists on websites such as Craigslist and as well as other magazines besides Gay Chicago), which is all Craig is doing, I get the "support" arguement.