Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crime blotter for December 17, 2008

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:29am. Today, at school, we are celebrating two birthdays, but for respect, I will not publish their names, though one hint is one of the persons having the birthday is a student while the other is a teacher. Happy b-day to them! Here is crime for this morning before I go.
Good afternoon. I'm back. Crime blotter has started for the evening.

3:58pm - Reckless driver at Belden and Pulaski. No further information.

4:13pm -

  1. Traffic accident at 3028 N Kenneth. A car may have crashed into a basement.
  2. Traffic accident at Diversey and Pulaski. No further information.
  3. Traffic accident at Pulaski and Barry. Two car accident.
  4. Traffic accident at Diversey and Lawndale. No further information.

4:18pm - The Diversey and Lawndale accident is coded out 19Boy.

4:34pm - Man slumped over the wheel at Fullerton and Konster.

4:55pm - Traffic accident at North and Avers. 303 taxi involved.

5:10pm - Traffic accident. 3830 W Fullerton. No further information.

5:23pm - Something's going down at 3601 W Wolfram. Police are rushing to the scene. I know someone who lives there and I will be more than happy to give out their name, since she's a known enemy of mine.

5:27pm - The 5:23pm job turns out to involve a 16 yr old boy, thus not being my enemy, lol.

6:54pm - Gang members are showing their prescene. Fullerton and Konster. At the gas station.

8:34pm - I have to go now. Good night. Fights have been breaking out in the area of Koz Park and on George, especially on the 3700 and 3900 blocks of W George.

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