Monday, December 15, 2008

My observations on school

Hi everyone, this week has been pretty decent.

December 9: On Tuesday, a food fight broke out around 10:50 in the cafeteria. I'm told that it was total chaos. Kids just started throwing food at each other and food was all over the place. Other fights also broke out in the day.

December 10: On Wednesday, nothing unusual occurred. Just the usual arguments and fights.

December 11: On Thursday, we went on a field trip. It was at the Culture Center in downtown. It was nice. Tomorrow my class is playing Uplift High School at basketball. I will let you all know about what happens, along with anything at Sullivan when we return from the game.

December 12: On Friday, we played a basketball game at Uplift High School. It was a nice game, but we unfortunately lost. The score was 36 to 22. Oh well. We'll get them next month when they come to play a game of basketball at our school.

December 15: What can I say about Monday (today)? I wasn't at school today, so I don't know what went down today.

So, there ya have it, another week at Sullivan.

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