Friday, December 19, 2008

Final day of school and a huge snowstorm

Good morning everyone. This (early) morning, a huge snowstorm has hit the Chicago area hard. At least 8 inches has fallen here in the most southern part of Avondale, where I live. Other areas around O'Hare got about 9 inches. Chicago in general has picked up about 6 to 9 inches of snow so far. Another 1 to 3 inches are excepted today. Outside my window, some sleet is falling. There is some reports of ice causing spin outs on the roads and stuff like that.

I plan to go to school today because of none other than ... THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2 WEEKS! Thank god! It's great that we'll be off for 2 weeks and I'll be away from Sullivan "Fight" School, but I probably will miss my friends at school. I have some very nice friends there.

Anyway, here's crime for this morning before I head off to school.

Update at 9:59am - I finally made it to school after two hours of waiting for my school bus to come pick me up. I guess they were delayed from all the snow and the fact of a substitute driver for this morning. It was very chaotic, lol. Well, I'll see you all later when I return home.
Hi everyone, I'm back. It's pm. I made it through my final day of school for two weeks. School was rather quiet today. Not alot of people were there today. Well, is here crime for this evening.

4:48pm - Gang disturbance. Wrightwood and Killbourn. Gang members representing.

4:54pm - Burglar alarm. Kelvyn Park High School (4343 W Wrightwood). No further information.

4:57pm - Beat car 2573 needs an ambulance at 3120 N Haussen Court. Intoxicated male is down.

5:37pm - Beat car 2523 has a traffic stop. George and Hamlin.

5:38pm - Beat 2523 runs a plate from the traffic stop.

5:40pm - The plate comes back clear and valid to a '92 car. The owner resides somewhere on the 2800 block of N Hamlin.

5:44pm - Fire. 3068 N Davlin Court. An outlet is on fire.

6:00pm - Reckless driver. Diversey and Central Park. Car speeding northbound in the wrong direction.

6:02pm - The recklesss driver may now be at Belmont and Central Park.

6:11pm - Disturbance. 3959 W Armitage. Someone is refusing to leave.

6:14pm - Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Tripp. No further information.

6:16pm - Beat car 2523 has gone on yet another traffic stop (good though, isn't it?) at George and Springfield. His first plate came back clear. He's running a second plate now.

6:20pm - No record came back on the second plate.

6:33pm - Beat car 2523 is going in with one from the traffic stop. 2524 needs an additional traffic crash report at Wrightwood and Tripp.

7:01pm - I'm going to eat dinner now. My mom is getting the radio until 10pm, so I will not post crime until then.
10:53pm - I'm back, but I'm not doing crime anymore tonight. Rather, I'm going to sleep, because I can no longer stay awake and it's been too long of a day for me. Good night everyone.

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