Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In a rush

Hi guys, i'm in a rush this morning. I will post stuff later this afternoon. Have a nice day.
Good afternoon everyone. I apologize for being in a rush this morning. I'm so glad to be here at home because school has been crazy today. Kids disrespecting teachers on the field trip, one kid suffering a seizure, ya know, crazy stuff. Well, here's the crime blotter for today:

4:45pm - A nearly four hour old traffic accident at 2958 N Avers has been finally dispatched. Call came out at 13:14 (1:14pm) hours.

4:54pm - Holding the offender. Kelvyn Park HS. A student is drunk.

5:52pm - Burglary or Battery in progress. 3113 N Killbourn. No further information.

6:02pm - Robbery. 2932 N Ridgeway. Someone was robbed in the 14th district but is back home.

6:06pm - Parker. 4342 W Parker. No further information.

6:10pm - Holding the offender. 3607 W Fullerton. At Tony's Finer Foods. No further information.

6:17pm - Robbery. 1821 N Springfield. No further information.

About 7:50pm - A carjacking occurred at 2636 N Springfield. No further information.

8:25pm - Well, I have to go now. Good night. I'll write down anything I hear before I head to bed and post up here in the morning.

8:35pm - Snowball assault in progress. 1820 N Harding.

8:57pm - Gang dispersal at 2415 N Lawndale. Event number is 15734.

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