Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crime blotter for December 7, 2008

Good morning everyone, it's currently 2:11am in the morning. You may ask why I'm up this late, right? Well, I'm not really tired so I'm going to stay up for a little while.

Text ColorAbout 1:30-ish-am: Battery in progress. 3633 W Dickens. Fight in front.

1:59am - Disturbance. 4138 W Dickens. Loud party.

3:05am - Barking dog. 2454 N Springfield. Dog has been barking for two hours. This is the last call I'm covering for about seven or eight hours while I sleep. Good night everyone and I'll be back in the mid morning.
10:34am - Disturbance. Armitage and Kedvale. No further information.

11:04am - Domestic disturbance. 4408 W Barry. Two elderly people arguing.

11:21am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 2259 N Kedvale. The heat was turned off.

12:00pm - A seat belt mission is being done at Fullerton and Pulaski. This is the last thing I'm covering for about an hour or so, because I have some things to do.
1:50pm - I'm back and it appears that the shift change just happened. Welcome to the Thrid Watch.

2:19pm - It appears the Bears are winning over the Vikings in their game. The score is 20 to 3. This is from dispatch.

2:59pm - The score is 23 (Bears) to 10 (Vikings).

3:48pm - EMS run. 44XX W Diversey. A male is down.

7:59pm - Disturbance. Konster and Diversey. At the Citgo. Someone's causing a disturbance.

8:01pm - The disturbance is now a Criminal Damage to Property.

8:15pm - Parker. 2300 block of N Kedvale. Violators.

8:49pm - Vicious animal. 3054 N Huessin Court. There is a vicious animal.

8:50pm - I have to go now. Good night everyone. It's been extremely quiet in the neighborhood. This is the quietest (from 3:48pm to 7:59pm today) I've ever seen it in my 11 and a half months of owning the scanner.

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