Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to reality and snow accumlations

Good morning everyone. It's Monday, meaning it's time to head back to school and starting today, i'm posting my observations of school today here and also emailing them to "The Broken Heart of Rogers Park". We have picked up about an inch or two of snow outside. Well, now, here is crime for today:

5:30am - Burgular alarm. 2957 N Konster. Back door motion.

5:33am - Beat car 2521 gives a slow down at the 5:30am job.

5:39am - Info for the police. 3749 W Lyndale. A car that was involved in an accident is at the scene.

6:15am - Well, I have to leave now, but i'll be back around 3:30 today with more of the blotter and an "article" of my observations at school today.
5:25pm - 2421 N Harding. People are fighting in the house.

5:28pm - Beat car 2523 is asking for a call back from the 5:25pm job.

5:57pm - Disturbance. 3053 N Daviln Court. Some kind of disturbance.

6:23pm - Request for a supervisor. 2105 N Lawndale. Somebody wants to talk to a supervisor regarding tickets.

6:24pm - Beat car 2540 (supervisor) codes this out 19P.

7:04pm - Person down. 3066 N Milwaukee. Person down at the southbound bus stop.

7:20 to 7:40pm - A open key on Zone 12. Dispatcher asks officer with radio 9578 to check her keys (it was confirmed to have been a female officer). This goes on for nearly 25 minutes before it's decided to switch over to another zone. Zone 12 can be heard on Citywide 5, 450.350 for now.

7:54pm - Domestic Battery. 3608 W Shakespeare. Someone's getting beaten up.

8:09pm - I have to go now. Good night. I will write down anything I hear before I head to bed and have it up tomorrow morning.


Edgewater Crime Blotter said...

Timmy, your blotter is looking awesome. I've got you linked and written up on our site as well. Good luck to you!

Hollywood Beach said...


Great work on the site! We'll make sure to put a link to your blotter on the Edgewater Crime Blotter. Keep it up.

SullivanHighSchoolKid said...

In reply to both comments: Ah, shucks, thanks. I work as hard as I can on this site, and I must be doing something right to make you add the link to your site. Good luck to you guys as well!