Monday, July 26, 2010

Noise Complaint On Hamlin

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:40am. I'm currently listening to 17 on this really beautiful day. It's gorgeous out there. Ok, so my schedule will be listening to 17 until 8am, then take a little nap and come back with 25 for the rest of the day. Anyway, I would just like to say thank you to all of you for your support. I'm extremely grateful for it. Here's crime for today.

7:09am - Noise complaint on Hamlin.

8:00am - Ok, I'm gone with 17 until August. Be back with 25 by 9:15.

9:57am - I'm back, with 25. Sorry I wasn't back sooner.

10:08am - A unit asks for a check at Diversey and Kostner. Event number is 05868.

10:21am - Beat 2506 needs a Polish speaker at 3020 N Hamlin. 2515 is coming over.

10:47am - Domestic disturbance. 2932 N Hamlin. Baby daddy at the door.

10:51am - The 10:47am guy is an IG, and he threatened to blow up the building.

11:12am - Disturbance. 2300 block of N Monticello. Drinkers.

11:43am to 12:00pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

12:46pm - Car battery (LOL! But seriously, it's criminal damage) in progress. Diversey and Avers. Caller's car is getting beaten up.

1:08pm - Traffic accident. 2739 N Pulaski.

1:13pm - Disturbance. 3959 W Armitage. Three males loitering in front of Pioneer Liquors.

1:53pm - Beat 2565Boy asks for a burglary mission event number on the 20 sector. It's 09783.

4:28pm - Narcotics. 37X6 W Lyndale. Five to six teens selling out of a green vehicle.

4:47 to 4:57pm - Fell asleep, again.

5:07pm - Recover stolen vehicle. 4000 block of W Nelson.

5:12pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3069 N Haussen. Red car in front has some guy parked in it.

5:14pm - The 5:12pm job is now a "theft in progress". The car belongs to a neighbor, and it's being driven off by a male White in his 30s.

5:15pm - A unit has a stop in the alley of 4407 W Diversey.

5:16pm - Beat car 2525 has a traffic stop at 3951 W Fullerton.

5:19pm - A unit has a stop at 1745 N Springfield.

5:39pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 3714 W Wrightwood. Female Hispanic with a pink t-shirt has been going back and forth in the property that has four locks on it.

5:53pm - Disturbance. 4100 W Fullerton. At U-Haul. Drunk male is camped out behind a truck there, refuses to leave.

6:39pm - Person shot. 4237 W George. Shots were fired from a BB gun and a neighbor was hit.

7:07pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:27pm - I'm back.

7:54 to 8:23pm - Fell asleep. Again. Sorry.

8:47pm - Domestic disturbance. Pulaski and Dickens. Male told a female to get into a car, or he was going to shoot her.

8:48pm - Disturbance. 2121 N Keeler. At Nixon school. Group of kids trying to break a ladder attached to the school.

9:46pm - Battery victim injured. Milwaukee and Avers. Homeless male was battered near the barber shop and appears to be unconscious.

10:06pm - Person w/ a knife. 2500 block of N Avers. Two female Blacks fighting with knives.

10:26pm - Gang disturbance. 4400 block of W Parker. 4 to 5 of them involved in gang activity.

11:14pm - Sex offense. 2540 N Ridgeway. Evening delight going on in a car in the alley.

11:35pm - Parker. 2800 block of N Ridgeway. Permits.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back with 14 for most of the day tomorrow.

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-L said...

Haha... I was excited to see 'listening to 17' and then it was only a noise complaint. That's a good thing though! ☻