Monday, June 14, 2010

Hit And Run Kills Woman In Avondale

No, there weren't any gunshots to ring out. Or a knife to enter someone's body. A car did the offense this time. So now you are asking yourself, "where did it occurr?". This crime occurred in the 2700 block of W Roscoe at about 1:10am yesterday morning. A 20 yr old woman named Ludjana Dido was killed in this incident, according to this Chicago Breaking News article.

Dido and a group of friends she was with got into an argument with another group of people. I guess this pissed off the other group enough to where they had to run her down. As she was getting into a car, a white Buick ran her over. Dido was pronounced dead at 2:26am at Illinois Masonic. Police say they are questioning a "person of interest" and witnesses in this incident.

Dido was five months pregnant with a boy and had just graduated from high school.

This is truly tragic. It makes me sad to hear about this. You have to run someone over just because of an argument? And the girl was excepting a child on top of it. We really have some monsters living amongst us in this society...

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AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

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Anonymous said...

This was probably gang related because if it was a accident the car would of hit her once not three times it really looks like a gang thing they had a mug shoot of the suscpect he was pretty beat up he got charged with first degree murder

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Anonymous 1:01, I agree. Something must've been said in order for someone to get hit three times. I'm glad he got charged. He deserves it.

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