Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shooting On Cortland Friday Night

Good morning, everyone. Sorry for being late on this one. Apparently, there was a shooting Friday night at about 11:30pm in the 3600 block of W Cortland. I was listening in on the scanner as this occurred. Beat 2510Robert told the dispatcher that Beat 1462Charlie had on-view Shots Fired at Central Park and Cortland. They gave chase. As the chase was going on, allegedly, a gang member rose his gun to the officers giving chase. And then, on top of it, 1462C had their car rammed into. It sounded very intense over the radio.

Two men ended up shot from this. Both suffered gunshot wounds to their legs. One of them was taken to Illinois Masonic while the other was taken to St. Mary's. If I remember correctly, there was a crime scene found towards the end of the block, closer to Lawndale. And, obviously, there was blood.

The only good thing to have come out of this incident was that the perps were arrested for it. But, unfortunately, this shooting was most likely gang related, so don't be too surprised if there's a retaliation shooting at some point in the near future. I do remember a cop saying it may have been Cobras who were invovled. They may have been in the offenders.

All I can, personally, say is that people living down there have better watch the crime activity, especially gang related, because there just may be a retaliation soon. Call the police for everything you see which can relate itself to gangs, crime and disorder. It's good the offenders were caught, but that may not happen next time.

Who's counting? Timmy, what's that question supposed to mean? The counting question means that, this is shooting #1 of probably many in Logan Square to come. This is the first shooting I've covered this year.

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Anonymous said...

I live at N. St. Louis and Wrightwood. I heard 3 shots total last night around 2:45am. Any info on this? It was pretty terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear shots fired around 3:00 AM this morning somewhere within listening distance of Kimball and Wrightwood? Two loud bangs woke me up, but they didn't sound like they were in my immediate vicinity. (If the police came, I'd already fallen back asleep before them. Neighborhood watch FAIL.)