Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stabbing On Milwaukee This Morning

Now people are getting stabbed in our neighborhood. According to this article, a stabbing occurred in the 2100 block of North Milwaukee at about 4:20 this morning. Two men were engaged in an argument when a third man stabbed them both. One man is in critical condition after being stabbed in the chest at Illinois Masonic while the other guy was treated and released after being stabbed in the thigh. The offender was taken to Norweign after receiving a head injury then released and taken into custody.

Not known if this was gang related or not. But this sure does sound crazy. Any comments/info? Leave a comment here or email me.

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Ch1cag0Rob said...

4:20 am? Wow, that's *late*.

Anonymous said...

if this is the incident i think it is - then it is not gang related. just some morons not from the neighborhood leaving a club.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous, if it wasn't gang related, that's one good thing.

Ch1Rob, yes, it's "late".

Anonymous said...

not gang related :( my cousin was working at the Congress Pizza and he got attacked by three individuals after work...we are still trying to get the details from Police as to eaxctly what and why it happened...prayers for my cousins speady recovery please!!!