Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Domestic Hitting On Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:01am. I just woke up after going to bed at midnight. I slept about nine and a half hours. I thought it would have me totally refreshed after sleeping only 5 hours yesterday, but right now, I'm still half asleep. Hopefully I don't get tired during the day. Anyway, on Thursday, if there are no storms (they're forecasted), I will most likely make a guest appearance at the CAPS Beat 2524 meeting. I'd just like to come at least once to hear about problems south of Diversey, and to meet some fans (I know I have some at this meeting). Here's crime for today.

10:19am - Domestic battery. 2642 N Harding. Boyfriend's hitting the caller.

10:20am - Criminal damage report. 1920 N Hamlin. At Ames school.

10:37am - Beat car 2524 asks for a Community Concern at 4000 W Fullerton.

10:51am - Beat 2563Adam is taking one in from 2933 N Avers.

12:12pm - Gang disturbance. 2800 block of N Avers. They're out there, flashing signs.

12:40pm - Gang disturbance. Dickens and Lawndale.

1:02pm - Gang disturbance. 44X0 W Parker.

1:06pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Pulaski. Couple of males panhandling.

1:42pm - Battery. Wabansia and Lawndale. Three males beat up the caller.

2:00pm - 1) Disturbance. 2724 N Pulaski. 2) Burglar report. 3618 W Dickens.

2:02pm - Backlog in 25 at 14:02 hours.

2:14pm - Assault in progress. 3701 W Concord.

2:36pm - Some call at Barry and Pulaski.

2:49pm - Disturbance. 2314 N Ridgeway.

3:12pm - Foot chase. Dickens and Lawndale. Heading southbound. Suspect is in a white t-shirt. Beat 2562Adam is doing the chase.

3:13pm - Offender is in custody at 3641 W Dickens. In the alley.

3:25pm - Gang disturbance call over at Kelyvn Park, again.

3:38pm - 1) Disturbances at 1627 N Pulaski and at Avers and Milwaukee. 2) Traffic accident. Fullerton and Pulaski.

3:46pm - An RD number has been pulled from the foot chase. It's HS408721 with the event number of 10731.

4:05pm - Narcotics. On 2523's Beat.

4:06pm - Narcotics. Kelvyn Park. 12 guys doing or selling drugs by the tennis court.

4:07pm - Beat car 2522 has a station assignment to Pulaski and Wrightwood.

4:20pm - EMS run. 2321 N Harding. Construction worker is falling off the roof.

5:17pm - Gang disturbance. Diversey and Pulaski.

5:50pm - Some call at Koz Park.

5:51pm - Domestic disturbance. 2330 N Springfield.

6:23pm - Beat car 2525 has a traffic stop at Schubert and Kostner.

6:32pm - 1) Disturbance. 2408 N Monticello. Employees working on the public way. 2) Burglar report. 2512 N Kostner.

6:44pm - Gang disturbance. Kelvyn Park.

7:06pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:27pm - I'm back.

7:31pm - One job on Hamlin, and a drag racing call on the 2800 block of N Avers.

8:00 to 9:00pm - Took a nap. This is to monitor 17 overnight tonight. My plans have changed somewhat.

9:16pm - Some call on the 3100 block of N Monticello.

9:58pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2941 N Avers. Four guys breaking into the abandoned house.

10:18pm - Gang disturbance. 4300 block of W Drummond.

10:28pm - Beat 2561David is taking three in from the 10:18pm job.

11:00pm - Beat 2566David has a street stop at Milwaukee and Hamlin.

11:02pm - Disturbance. Dickens and Lawndale. Four males loitering on the corner, loitering.

11:21pm - Gang disturbance. 3847 W Wrightwood.

11:31pm - Disturbance. 2053 NAvers. Male peeing on the front steps.

11:41pm - Burglar report. 3722 W Wrightwood.

11:43pm - A unit was flagged down at Diversey and Hamlin regarding a missing child who ran away.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday you posted this:

9:57pm - Beat 5591 had a male to take off from him at Dickens and Lawndale. Heading towards Central Park. The offender is Hispanic, is 5'5 and may be 16 to 17 yrs old.

I have been trying to figure beat numbers out for a while. I know the ones that start with a district number are from that district (i.e. 2516 is 25th district). I have seen others I can figure out (forensics, canine, transit are all marked as such).

Any idea how beat tag numbers are assigned, etc.?

Anonymous said...

lol theres kids playing capture the flag or something over there....they are wearing pinnies red and blue.. at Kelvyn Park if thats what the gang disturbance is about.Its like a summer camp or something. otherwise i dunno where the gang is.

Violet Sky Daniels said...

I am a new fan of yours as of yesterday. Found your blog by mistake. Plan on going to the caps meeting with my fiance. We are Avondale area I believe. This is awesome what you have been doing. My brother is Autistic and hes only 8 years old.Poor thing cant talk very well...But hes getting better.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 1:19, I have no idea how that's does. By the way, Beat 5591 is a detective, just to let you know.

Anonymous 1:21, it's right at Kelvyn Park, where that call came in. But it came in on the Parker side of the park. Is that where the kids were playing?

Hi Violet, welcome to the blog! Nice to have you as a new fan. I have a question for you, though. Which intersection are you nearest? I'm trying to find out because I can tell you which neighborhood you're in, what Beat you're on and when the next meeting is. Your brother is like how I was at 8. I couldn't talk well at that age either. But, thanks to my mom and my childhood school teachers, my speech improved. As for my understanding of things, mom also helped me with that, but really my last school can be thanked for that (and not in a good way, either; I went to one of the worst schools in the city).

Anonymous said...

yes thats where the kids were playing on the Parker side of the park.

Violet Sky Daniels said...

My fiance figured it out we are in Beat 2524. We are going to go to that CAPS meeting this Thursday. We are concerned about these gangs invading our area more and more. I'm afraid to even walk my dogs anymore. Its ridiculous. Well I hope my brother can get better...like you did.. Its quite inspirational.. Keep up the good work!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Depending on the weather, Violet, I may or may not be at that meeting. I will be there if it's not raining after 5pm. But I do plan on being there. I'd like to meet my fans at the meeting (now including you also). You guys are in the Logan Square neighborhood. Diversey is the dividing line for Logan and Avondale (I'm north of Diversey, so I'm in Avondale). I'm also concerned about gangs taking over the area. You're right, it's ridiculous. I think that your brother can get better like I did, as long he gets all of the help he can get from his school(s). I know you guys are helping him, but it's also up to the school(s) to help him too. If you ever need help with your brother, you can email me and I'll try my best to do what I can do. I'm decidated to help make autisic people's lives better. Since I'm so high functioning, I want to share my gift with them by helping them. I have one plead for you, however. Whatever you do, please, make sure he doesn't get into a regular school with no autism program like I went to. I, unforutunaley, was forced to go that school. They had no program, and it was nothing but hell. I never want any autisic person to experience what I had to. What I went through can make those more sensetive hurt or even kill theirselves. I made it out of that school, but not without crying or getting extremely angry (to the point where I've been suspended) quite often.

Anonymous 1:21/2:40, I'm thinking that the caller didn't want them over there then. Or they must think they were gangbangers.

ally said...

Violet (& Timmy) - quick note on getting your brother the help needs in school. A friend who is a educational consultant let me in on a fact I have never heard about. If you have any sort or disability (ADD, autism, physical, etc.) the school, by law, has to provide you with you need to perform in school. Whatever your doctor thinks will help. Anything from untimed tests, note takers, tutors, and lots of other things. If they don't have it there then they have to find a school for you. And if it's far away I believe they are required to provide transportation. Sad that you have to fight for a decent education.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hey Ally, what your friend told you is correct. The school does by law have to provide the help you need. In my case, however, I guess CPS refused to follow the law. But now that I'm in high school and can function almost like a normal person, they decide to give me the services that I needed a couple of years ago. Logic, I guess. Believe me, my mom fought hard, to no avail last time. But this time, we succeeded. That's why I'm at Sullivan High. And, yes, transportation is required, if the IEP says it is. Even though I know how to get around nearly all of the city by myself, on CTA, transportation is a requirement on my IEP. But, that may not be for long, though :). Which would make me happy.