Sunday, July 4, 2010

* SPECIAL BULLETN: Vote Results Are In!

Hey, everyone. I have the voting results from the poll. It looks to me a majority of you don't live in the neighborhood (30%). That's a bit surprising, I have to admit. There are some parts of the neighborhood where my blog has a stronghold. Those areas are Diversey and Central Park (14%), Fullerton and Central Park (11%) and North of Belmont (10%).

My blog is also considerably read in areas such as Diversey and Sacramento (9%), Armitage and California (7%), Logan and Western (5%) and West of Pulaski between Belmont and Diversey (5%).

My blog does not have much readers in the areas of Belmont and Elston (2%), Fullerton and California (3%), Armitage and Central Park (3%) and between Armitage and Bloomingdale (2%). My blog has very few readers in the area of Armitage and Damen (1%), and I have no readers around Cortland and Ashland.

For you readers in the areas with a good percent number, keep on reading(!), and encourage more to do so. For the areas with very low percent numbers (under 3%), I encourage readers from other areas to reach out to people in those areas. But ultimatley, it's my job to get more readers from those areas. I will be figuring out a way how to reach more of those people. I'm thinking about making a flyer. So, everyone, thanks for voting and except a new poll question sometime today!


Anonymous said...

Content is king! To attract people from other areas you would need to cover crime from them. It seems most of your coverage is for 25th district, which is west of Central Park. If you want folks from the east to read more, you'll need content more relevant to them.

That may not be what's best for you, though, so sometimes you have to commit to a goal -- that may be more readers, and/or that may be to report on crime in your area, and the goals may not be compatible.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous, I cover crime over there once a month. But this month, and next month, the coverage for 14 will be twice a month. Also, when there is shootings and the like for the areas east of Central Park, I usually make posts for those. So I think I do cover those folks on a somewhat regular basis.

I cover the 25th District for the most part because, of course, I live in the 25th. And, also, I cover it most of the time because I feel the gang problem is the worst on the western part of the two neighborhoods.

Also, 14 will be covered on two separate days for the overnight hours and the early morning hours in the next two weeks.

Ultimatley, I'll see what I can do to provide more coverage to the folks on the east end of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

25 needs the coverage. I used to live there and relied on this blog to know what was going on in my neighborhood. The issue with 25 is that the HQ is so far west and you've got a lot of people living in the easternmost area (between Pulaski and Central Park) who are seeing their neighborhood be taken over by gang activity. It doesn't take a giant cognitive leap to figure that the police are being spread too thin and that serious crimes are going unreported.

14 is a different story. If you live in 14, chances are you live relatively close to the HQ. I haven't seen the numbers but I would guess that response time is faster in 14 and serious crimes are being reported more often due to investments being made in that community.

All I'm saying is that it's night and day between 14 and 25, and as a former resident of 25, I couldn't be more thankful to ALSCB for the service it provides.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 10:50, thanks for the post. I truly agree with it. Yes, the 25th needs the coverage I give because, as you said, we have a gang problem between Pulaski and Central Park. I agree that the police are being spread too thin and that serious crimes aren't really being reported.

I also agree that 14 is different from 25. You cannot compare those two districts whatsoever. 14 is much smaller and quieter.

Anonymous said...

9:28 here, back again. I'm mostly in agreement with you and 10:50. I'm not comparing 14 and 25. I was addressing your desire to get readers from other areas, and it's the content that will draw readers.