Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beat 2523 CAPS Meeting This Evening (7-28-10)

Good evening, everyone. The meeting this month had a pretty good sized crowd, I would say. I have no old problems I personally have to report, so I'm going straight to the new problems.

New problems:
* Milwaukee and Belmont - Five Latin guys disguise theirselves as day laborers are really selling and doing drugs.
* On Kostner, there is drinkers and loud music.
* On Hamlin, there was a bike theft, several problems with drunks, among other things.
* A building in the area is getting tagged heavliy.
* Large gathering of drunks in the alley behind Mulica's (Milwaukee and Haussen). They gather in groups of 15-20.

Other observations:
> This was one of the greatest meetings I've ever been to. I was applauded for the work I've been doing by CAPS Sgt. Timothy Weiglein and the entire room. I was applauded because they say I've been doing great work. I appriecate the praise I got for my work. Remember, it's for all of you. I'm here to help make this community safe for all. And, right back to the CPD, thank you so much for the work you do to keep all of us safe. You guys put your lives on the lines everyday, and I thank you for serving and protecting all of us.
> The most incidents took place in the 2900 block of N Avers. As usual, the most crimes were battery (24 reported incidents), theft (14 reported incidents) and criminal damage (12 reported incidents). The most incidents took place on Saturdays and Fridays. Most incidents took place on the street (38 reported incidents) and on the sidewalk (16 reported incidents). The most incidents took place in the 6pm, 8pm and 10am hours.

As I do in every Beat meeting post, I extend my thanks to all for being involved in this meeting. We are making progress for sure, I think, but work still needs to be done. Further more, I am very thankful to be welcomed at the meetings by everyone. At first, I thought I would get the boot because of this blog, but the complete opposite has happened, which I am grateful to everyone there for. Once again, I ask for those residents who read the blog but don't come to the meetings (because they don't want to), please, come! It only takes ONE hour of your time, and we need all of the help we can get.

Just FYI -- I will NOT be attending the August CAPS meeting, which is on the 25th of August. I will be on my small vacation from the blog and CAPS at the time of the next meeting. As much as I like coming to the meetings and doing the blog, I need a break :). But I definitely plan on coming back in September.

Thank you,


Mary said...

Tonight was my first CAPS meeting and it was so nice to see the neighborhood support first hand. I will be back next month! Timmy, thanks for keeping the neighborhood in the loop, you deserved the round of applause tonight!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hi Mary, thanks for dropping by. It felt so good to get a round of applause from everyone in the room. And what felt good about it is that Sgt. Weiglein was the one who started it. He is one of the best out of the police department. This neighborhood would be so much worse without him.

I think I have an idea of who you are, but just let me confirm, since I come in contact with so many people. Where you the one who reported the problem in the alley behind Mulica's?

Tim G said...

Good morning, Timmy. Congratulations on the applause and recognition you got last night at the CAPS meeting.The only things I can see growing faster than your popularity and admirers are your writing skills and talent.I look forward to your blog every day. It's not only informative and entertaining. It is also inspiring and uplifting and gets my day off on a good note. Thanks, Buddy.

Tim G said...

I wish more readers would type in their first name or some type of nickname. It makes their comments seem to have more meaning and impact and makes you more of a real person than just calling yourself 'Anonymous'. It is also easier to backtrack in the comments section and see what you said when Timmy responds to you. Simply click on Name/URL and type it in!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Good morning, dad. Thanks for the congrats. I wasn't excepting to be applauded at the meeting, not by the police of all people. The Sergeant who started the applause is simply awesome. People in some of these other districts need to pray that they get more officers/sergeants like him. He is one of the best out of the entire department. I'm glad that I'm able to get your day started on a good note.

Regarding the comments, I think the reason why most people just stay anonymous is because they're afraid of retaliation by gangbangers and other bad folks. I think they feel if they give their name, they can be tracked down. Also, despite the fact I wouldn't do this, they might also be afraid of me putting their names out their publicly. But I can agree with you. It would be nice to know who I'm responding to.

Thanks for your comment.

Tim G said...

I like it when someone uses a first name or even a nickname it gives their comment a lot more personality and gives me the feeling I'm listening to a personal view. A good example is Mary above. Giving her first name seems friendlier and gives her words more credibility. So, how about it readers, even John Doe is better than anonymous. By the way, Wiseguy, you just blew my cover LOL

Blonda said...

Tim G... your "cover" was blown a while back for the regular readers. Timmy, it is great that you get the recognition and respect for the time you put into this.
Even if the "bad guys" are reading along, I think it helps to have them know people are out here that give a darn. Reporting crime is the only way the police can get a handle on our streets and neighborhoods.
All the best to you, glad you are feeling better.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

LOL. Obviously, you're my dad because we've both got the exact name.