Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Needle Waved Around On California

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:24am. Sorry I'm late. I had some things to do and take care of, but now I'm here. Yes, I'm monitoring 14 today. Anyway, if any of you are interested, here's a story on 10 common crimes committed in college. Also, it's supposed to be another warm day. Temps in the 80s, with mixing clouds and sun. Here's crime for today.

10:25am - Disturbance. 1600 N California. Male waving a needle around.

10:38am - Found property. 1804 N Kedzie. Backyard is full of stolen stuff.

10:57am - Burglar alarm. 1814 N Wolcott. Cat on scene.

10:59am - Burglar alarm. 3030 N Allen.

11:20am - Domestic battery in progress. 2611 W Logan Blvd. A man could be heard arguing or fighting with either a woman or a child.

11:24am - A slow down is being given on the 11:20am job. It's a six-flat building.

11:45am - Information for the police. 1711 N California. At ASIPRA. A school counselor has some info regarding a missing child.

11:59am - Domestic disturbance. 1742 N Sawyer. Mom won't give the money back.

12:41pm - Hold-up alarm. 2814 W Fullerton. At the bank. Alarm coming from Teller #2.

12:43pm - It's a false alarm at the bank on Fullerton.

12:46pm - Request for a supervisor. 2761 N Sawyer. A Cook County Sheriff entered the caller's apartment illegally. Caller wants CPD on scene.

12:50pm - The 12:46pm job is legal. It's an eviction.

12:51pm - Phone threats. 1806 N Mozart. Someone keeps calling and threatening because they're not getting banking information.

12:53pm - Traffic accident. 2210 N Milwaukee. Caller hit a bicyclist. She's refusing EMS.

1:03pm - Car alarm. 2500 block of N Kedzie.

1:06pm - Beat car 1412 asks for a park check at Unity. Event number is 08580.

1:14 to 1:23pm - Was falling asleep. Sorry :(.

1:29pm - Parker. On 1412's Beat.

1:36 to 1:40pm - A female officer and another officer are talking about dogs at 2840 N Kedzie.

1:41pm - Beat car 1413 asks for an event number for some sort of mission. It's 09181.

1:43pm - Person wanted. 3415 W Diversey.

2:03pm - Domestic disturbance. North and Central Park. Sent over from the 25th District. At Speedway. Problem with the girlfriend who won't give the car back.

2:05pm - Check the well being. North and Ashland. Female on the NW corner crying, walking into traffic.

2:11pm - Beat car 1412 asks for a robbery mission event number from the Beat. Event number is 09770.

2:29pm - Beat car 1431 asks for the 10-digit event number from the Charter Bank hold-up alarm call yesterday at 2595 N Elston. Event number is 1018716458.

2:35pm - Theft report. 2035 W Armitage. Car was broken into.

2:37pm -
Beat 1452 asks for a resident and garage burglary mission on 1421's Beat. Event number is 10261.

2:39pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 3142 W North Ave. At Citgo. A male who was arrested before for being on the property is there now.

2:46pm - Beat 1405 has an open hydrant at Wabansia and Spaulding.

3:37pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and the Kennedy. At one of the exit ramps, a male claims his car ran out of gas. It's an alleged scam.

3:38pm - I have word of a gang-related incident at George and Avers that occurred at about 2pm. Apparently, gangbangers in a dark colored Conversion van pulled up to the building on the SW corner. The guys in the car had guns. I'm told that CPD did NOT respond to the scene. At this point, I'm excepting a shooting or something over there sometime this evening. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing happens, though.

3:47pm - Criminal damage in progress. Wabansia and Spaulding. Male White, 5'9, in a Lakers jersey is opening up the hydrant.

3:48pm - Check the well being. On 1421's Beat.

3:50pm - Burglar alarm. 2500 N Kimball.

3:56pm - Beat 1471, the wagon, is needed at 2354 N Milwaukee to wake an intoxicated guy up. By the way, 14's in a backlog. They've been in one for about 25 or 30 minutes now.

3:57pm - 1) Beat 1405 is doing a park check at Maplewood. Event number is 11753. 2) Beat car 1413 is on a traffic stop at 2524 N Kimball.

3:59pm - Traffic accident. Diversey and Sawyer. Female hit by a car. EMS is on the way.

4:01pm - Beat 1462Eddie has a street stop at 1714 N Sawyer.

4:03pm - Narcotics. On 1414's Beat.

4:19pm - Beat 1494 gets a suspicious vehicle and a parker. The parker is at 2334 W North Ave. Car blocking the driveway.

4:20pm - Disturbance. 3017 N Elston. At the auto shop. Problem with a mechanic.

4:31pm - Beat 1462E has a street stop at 2914 N Gresham.

4:35pm - Gang disturbance. Moffat and Rockwell. Four to five of them in white t-shirts throwing up signs.

4:36pm - DOA. St. Mary's Hospital. 63 yr old man was brought in from 2723 N Kedzie.

4:40pm - Battery in progress. 2932 W North Ave. Women fighting in front.

4:42pm - The 4:40pm job is now a large group fighting. 2900 block of North Ave.

4:47pm - 1) Some call in the coverage area. 2) Disturbance. 1928 N Sawyer. Kids splashing water from the open hyrant there.

5:02pm - Theft in progress. 1911 N Mozart.

5:18pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2415 N Albany. Caller came home to find some things torn up, particulary the back door.

5:19pm - Beat car 1422 has a traffic stop at 1819 N Drake.

5:33pm - Stripping the auto in progress. Diversey and Western. In the CVS parking lot, a male is stripping a blue vehicle.

5:36pm - Traffic accident. 2656 N Elston. In the Target parking lot.

5:37pm - Battery. 2932 N Whipple. Man hit the 12 yr old daughter.

5:44pm - Beat 1441 has a traffic stop at Palmer and Kedzie.

5:46pm - Traffic accident. 2232 W Lyndale.

5:47pm - Beat 1444 is doing a court date notice somewhere on Fletcher.

5:57pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 5:37pm job. It's HS398946 with the event number of 13780.

6:00pm - Threatening suicide. 1645 N Fairfield.

6:07pm - Disturbance. 2426 W Palmer. Female tried to give the caller, a cab driver, a $100 bill. He wanted her to change it. She went into her house and never came back out.

6:08pm - Parker. 2057 N California. A car is in the caller's space.

6:15pm - Beat 6750 just got a call from a citizen who says an IDOT truck parked at Kedzie and Palmer has it's doors open on it, like it was stolen. 1444 is assigned to check it out.

6:16pm - Person calling for help. Palmer and Spaulding. Female getting chased by a male with a shaved head. He has a hammer. Running towards Belden.

6:17pm - The 6:16pm job is now coming in as a "person w/ a gun". No further information.

6:24pm - Beat 45Mary71David has a traffic stop at 1949 N Humboldt.

6:30pm - Gang disturbance. 16X3 N Mozart. They're flashing and blocking traffic.

6:34pm - Domestic battery. Sawyer and Palmer. Father beat up the caller.

6:35pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:05pm - I'm back.

7:06pm - Assault in progress. Wabansia and Wolcott. Cab driver's been following a bicyclist around, and now they're arguing in the street.

7:13pm - An update just came in on the 7:06pm job. The cab driver tried to run the bicyclist over.

7:42pm - Domestic disturbance. 2039 N Kimball. Child's father took the phone.

7:46pm - Beat car 1413 asks for a CTA check somewhere, and for a burglary mission on the Beat. CTA's event number is 15997 and the burglary is 16246.

7:53pm - Disturbance. 3300 W Wabansia. Male Black teen with no shirt and swimming trunks kept ringing on the doorbell. When the caller was telling him to stop, the teen kept getting in his face.

8:09pm - Domestic disturbance. 1840 N California. Problem with the son.

8:19pm - Person w/ a gun. 2033 N Milwaukee. At Congress Plaza. Man in the parking lot with a gun.

8:20pm - Violation order of protection. 1946 N Kedzie. Ex-husband's been driving around all day, stalking the caller.

8:21pm - Assault in progress. Fullerton and Damen. Female White, blonde hair, white t-shirt is chasing a male with a golf club.

8:22pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:19pm job.

8:25pm - Gang disturbance. 1800 block of N Richmond. They're riding around in a vehicle, flashing gang signs.

8:26pm - Beat car 1411 asks for a premise check at the skate park (Logan Blvd./Western), and for a gang mission in the 2700 block of N Artesian. Event number for skate is 16936 and Artesian is 16937.

8:33pm - Traffic accident. Kimball/Milwaukee/Diversey. Car hit the bus shelter, a woman was hit. EMS en route.

8:36pm - Beat 6751Charlie needs a transport unit at 1945 N Mozart from the 8:25pm job. 1472, the other wagon, is asked to go.

8:37pm - Municipal ordinance violation. 1811 N California. Construction work to the back porch is going on without a permit.

8:44pm - Assault. 2838 W North. Two males allegedly threatened the caller in Burger King.

8:50pm - Beat 1405 asks for an event number from a park check at Skate. Event number is 17383.

8:54pm - Battery. 2108 N Humboldt. A male hit the caller and their friend.

8:55pm - The bus shelter from the 8:33pm job needs to be torn down. It's severly damaged.

8:57pm - Fireworks. Palmer and Whipple.

8:58pm - Fireworks. 2639 W Francis. Kids blowing them off, throwing them at cars.

9:07pm - Fireworks. 1600 N California.

9:14pm - Cage car needed at 1652 N Whipple for a transport. 1472 will go.

9:16pm - 1) Domestic disturbance. 2870 N Elston. Problem with the girlfriend. Caller's been drinking. 2) The 8:19pm job is now being called in as a "battery".

9:17pm - 1) Fireworks. 3048 W Palmer. In the alley. 2) Fireworks. 2150 W McLean.

9:18pm - Beat car 1421 asks for a gang mission event number for 2937 W Armitage. It's 17926.

9:31pm - Shots Fired. 1600 N Mozart.

9:34pm - The 9:31pm job is now coming in as an "assault in progress". Four males running up Mozart, yelling they're going to get someone.

9:42pm - Some call at 1918 N St. Louis.

9:45pm - 1) Parker. 1656 N Kimball. 2) Fireworks. Fairfield and Cortland. Large amount.

9:47pm - Burglar alarm. 2215 W McLean.

9:52pm - Traffic accident. 3355 W Belmont. Complainant got hit by a car in the bus terminal.

9:53pm - Shots Fired. 2856 N Albany. Three heard.

9:59pm - Domestic disturbance. 3528 W Palmer. Drunk husband's scaring the kids.

10:00pm - A male with a shaved heard ran towards Troy on George from the 9:53pm job.

10:01pm - EMS run. 3401 W Diversey. On the bus stop in front of Foot Locker, a drunk male is down.

10:07pm - 1) Tonight's curfew event number is 09784. 2) Narcotics. On the 30 sector of 14.

10:21pm - Stolen car. 2605 N Milwaukee. Male Black in a black t-shirt with a black tow truck just stole the aunt's car. The truck fled towards Emmet on Kedzie.

10:36 to 10:48pm - Was falling asleep. Sorry.

11:17pm - Female officer needed for a search at Troy and Logan. Beat 1461Eddie is coming over.

11:20pm - Assault in progress. Belmont and Kedzie. Under the viaduct is a male and female arguing.

11:24pm - Fireworks. 1800 block of N St. Louis. In the alley. 10 guys lighting off fireworks.

11:25pm - Beat car 1413Robert asks for an event number for a park check at Palmer Square. Event number is 20315.

11:26pm - Burglar alarm. 1952 N Damen.

11:27pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Western. Male coming up to cars.

11:29pm - Shots Fired. Sacramento and Lyndale. Multiple heard, between Fullerton and Lyndale. A second call coming in for the 3000 block of W Belden.

11:30pm - Officers are saying the 11:29pm caper is fireworks.

11:31pm - Shots Fired. 1904 W Fullerton. Five fired outside of the location.

11:35pm - Burglar alarm. 2414 N Kedzie.

11:50pm - Battery in progress. 1621 N Washtenaw. People fighting.

11:51pm - There was a traffic accident just after 10:30 at Cortland and Ashland. Someone got hit by a car.

11:52pm - A slow down is being given on the 11:50pm job.

11:55pm - Beat car 1421R has a traffic stop at Milwaukee and Logan Blvd.

12:00am - I'm gone with 14 until Sunday evening. I'll be back with 25 tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Timmy, I understand that you cant post personal information on gangbangers on this site but it would be useful to know it. Where do you suggest we get it? We have to have an effective network of information about these individuals. How can we safely share information?

Anonymous said...

Any gang affiliation on that 10:57 cat?

Anonymous said...

When you say a "slow down" is being given on something. What exactly does that mean?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 11:36, not sure ;).

Anonymous 11:08, yes, I think it would be very useful to know their personal information. As far as safely sharing the information, maybe we could set up some sort of email group? I'm not totally sure if that would work, but maybe it can.

Anonymous said...

An email would be fine, something like twitter would be better. I recall someone saying that in the late 70's just north of fullerton the residents used cb radios to communicate real time crime info to each other, prob in some code. For real time info we can also use those cheap little handheld radios you can buy at walmart. We would have to limit the circle of users to people we trust and use some kind of shorthand or code of course. Any other ideas?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 11:39, a slow down means that officers responding don't have to go with lights and sirens. They don't have to speed, in other words.

Anonymous 11:08/11:56, hmmm ... I don't like Twitter much. I like the idea of emails better. About the radios, that's a GREAT idea! I love it! But, yeah, we definitely would have to limit the circle of people who use it, and know about it. Also, yeah, we would need a code/shorthand.

Blonda said...

Sounds like you guys might be forming your own gang! I would think that CPD would have some record of known gang affiliation along with mug shots that are publicly available on their web sites.
Seems that speculation about an individual could open you up to legal issues of slander and libel.
I like the question about the gang affiliation of that cat.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? Most of the dorks gangbanging are minors so you will not get anything from anyone about them. As for the CPD, they have nothing as well except for the most wanted. As one cop told me they are report writers with weapons. Just try telling a cop that you have some kind of information for them and they will tell you to call 911, a joke. Same thing if you walk into a station. I am all for protecting the innocent but protecting the gangbangers too. Give me a break.

ProdigalOne said...

Hang out with your local church or community group and do some street work - you'll be able to spot the gang members and their affiliations with a practiced eye, and you'll have done some good for your community as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree prodigal. The gangbangers in this community are very obvious what is not obvious is where they live, hang out, and what their names are. That would be useful info that if widely known amongst everyone would aid the police with informing. If OJ Simpson lived on the corner of ridgeway and george and drove a range rover with plates OJ 123 then if there was a hit and run with his car at haussen and milwaukee then it shouldnt be hard to find someone who saw his car or him somewhere around that time. It would really speed things up if these guys were spotted walking here, standing there, driving and picking someone up somewhere by people in the community who know exactly who they are.

Anonymous said...

2824 ridgeway? thats right by your house

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hey Blonda. I think we are, too, LOL. I also would think that information on gangbangers would be available publicly on their sites. As for speculation of an individual, yeah, it can lead to legal issues for me. Which is why I don't really do it.

Anonymous 2:48, I can agree that you may not get information on gangbangers since most are minors.

Pro, agreed.

Anonymous 4:35, yeah, it is. What's going on over there? I don't see anything.

Anonymous said...

Just heard something on the radio with that address. Someones son is going nuts or something like that.

Anonymous said...

I think the police tell you to call 911 because they need to know where the cops are. The jobs are centrally dispatched. Theoretically this would mean that police resources are used as effectively as possible.

Timmy, do you only post the serious stuff, or is this all that went out on the radio during the time you are listening?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 5:01 #1, I post everything in the area that the dispatchers dispatch.

Anonymous 5:01 #2, interesting. That house used to be a drug house a few years ago (and I have reason to believe that it still is). I've also seen the son, too. He likes to skateboard on the block all the time. He probably got mad at mom for something.

Anonymous said...

Where was the fire exactly? I live in the Central park/Fullerton area and the smoke was horrible. It was just a few minutes ago.

Blonda said...

Seems like 14 is keeping you hoping over there Timmy, thanks again. I live in 14 and it is action packed!
I am very much enjoying your sense of humor and genuine concern for this community.

Anonymous said...

Love to see the 14 action. And all of these comments. Keep up the good work.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Blonda, yeah, 14's got me hopping. I'm typing litterally nonstop. Yes, it's action packed.

Anonymous 5:56, there was a fire in that area?

ally said...

Hi Timmy-
Sounds like the heat has called the crazies outta the house. No wonder I've stayed in all day.

10:57 am call - are you talking about a regular cat or is it some code?

8:31 pm call - Was that Elin chasing Tiger again? (Sorry had to say it)