Friday, July 2, 2010

Domestic On McLean

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:33am. Yes, I'm up early on my day off. But I'm doing something today. Anyway, it's excepted to be in the low 80s today with sunshine. We'll see what happens. Here's crime for today.

8:03am - Domestic disturbance. 3720 W McLean. Roommate won't leave.

8:21am - Criminal damage in progress. 2856 N Avers. Two males, one in a purple jersey and one in a black t-shirt, with a black Toyota that's parked on George with it's trunk open are tagging the building. They have shaved heads and shags.

8:29am - Ok, I'm gone for now. Be back in a little bit.

9:20am - I'm back.

9:22am - Beat car 2524 gets a call on the Beat.

10:45am - Disturbance. 1627 N Pulaski. Homeless guy in front of Walgreens.

11:09 to 11:24am - Fell asleep.

11:48am - Assault. Milwaukee and Avers. Caller was threatened trying to take pictures of the drunks.

12:26pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Pulaski. Older male in a grey Buick speeding towards Dickens, running the stop signs and lights.

12:57pm - Parker. 1644 N Hamlin.

1:06pm - Dead animal. 2334 N Keystone. Someone left two dead goats in the alley.

1:14pm - Animal control is notified of the 1:06pm job. The goats in the garbage can behind 2337 N Karlov.

1:23pm - EMS run. 3160 N Milwaukee. Someone's having trouble breathing.

1:43pm - Assist the citizen. 3116 N Harding. Girlfriend's on scene to get belongings, caller wants CPD present for when she starts taking them.

1:44pm - Disturbance. Milwaukee and Monticello. Drinkers. Hopefully they're still out there at 3 when I go to tape them again. Yeah, that's what I was doing at 8 this morning. Don't worry, I'll have someone with me.

1:47pm - Domestic disturbance. 2416 N Avers. Boyfriend's arguing with mom.

1:52pm - Beat 2565Adam asks for an event number for a burglary mission on the 20 sector of 25. It's 10242.

2:27pm - Fireworks. 2322 N Keystone. Bottle rockets are being shot off.

2:30pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 2343 N Lawndale. 2) Loud music disturbance. 2025 N Kedvale.

2:31pm - Some call on Belmont around Hamlin or Milwaukee.

3:20pm - Disturbance. Milwaukee and Hamlin. In one of the buildings nearby, a drunk is laying on a back porch, refusing to go.

3:34pm - Shots Fired. 2523 N Lawndale.

3:35pm - The 3:34pm job is also coming in as a "peeping tom".

3:41pm - Beat 2544 asks for a call back on the 3:34/3:35pm jobs.

4:06pm - EMS run. 3020 N Hamlin. Male down.

4:14pm - Domestic battery. 2133 N Springfield. Boyfriend hit the caller.

4:16pm - Disturbance. 2550 N Pulaski. In front of the car wash is a man loitering.

4:56pm - Gang disturbance. 29X2 N Avers. They're shouting gang slogans.

4:57pm - The 4:56pm job is actually a traffic accident, with lots of commotion on the scene.

5:03pm - Battery. 2726 N Ridgeway. Known male named Henry hit the son.

5:07pm - Assault in progress. George and Hamlin. Three gangbangers in white tanktops about to fight.

5:32pm - Some call at 2459 N Pulaski.

5:40pm - Beat 2505 asks for a park check at Mozart.

6:09pm - 1) Fireworks. 2400 block of N Lawndale. 2) Disturbance. 3636 W Wolfram. Kids in the parking lot of the church, playing.

6:43pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:51pm - I'm back.

7:02pm - Gang disturbance. 41X8 W Fletcher. Couple of them hanging out.

7:35pm - Fire. 2100 N Karlov.

7:57pm - Person w/ a gun. Monticello and Barry. Male in a black shirt has a gun in his hand.

8:00pm - A slow down is being given on the 7:57pm job.

8:07pm - The event number on the 7:57pm job is 16732.

9:05pm - Gang disturbance. Kilbourn and Wrightwood. NE corner.

9:26pm - Shots Fired. Monticello and Barry. Several heard, nothing seen.

9:36pm - Parker. 3101 N Tripp.

10:05pm - Domestic disturbance. 3729 W Lyndale.

10:22pm - Shots Fired. 4300 block of W Parker. An argument followed by multiple gunshots.

10:45pm - Shots Fired. Wrightwood and Lowell.

11:36pm - Gang disturbance. 1929 N Pulaski. Eight in front of Geneva's Foundation.

12:00am - I'm gone for the night. See you all in the morning. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Tim did you hear about the cop at 14 that was involved in the towing scam?

Anonymous said...

here is the link to the towing scam. I guess something similar happened with cops from 25 a couple of years age.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 11:42, yes, I did. I'm not surprised, as 14 has the majority of the laziest and most corrupt cops in the city.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I went in there (14) to tell them about open air drug dealing happening at that moment on my block and they told me to call 911!

Anonymous said...

Who lives on the first floor of that building that was getting tagged. Can anyone name a gangbanger?

Anonymous said...

Timmy, Its important to know who is doing what in our community. Some of these guys are blatantly out there and very recognizable. If we are to clean out the neighborhood of the few people responsible for the majority of the problems then we need to get plates, addresses, even names. We need to network and be informed when we call police and provide information. Please post something to that effect on your site. Thanks

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 12:51, that's 14 for ya. They should've sent someone over there, though.

Anonymous 1:28, all I know is that gangbangers live in that building. There's only two floors, so they likely have to live on the 1st floor.

Anonymous 1:38, can I ask, what exactly are you talking about? When there's gangbangers acting up, drunks doing whatever, or something else? I don't quite understand what you're saying. As far as getting addresses, names, plates, I don't really do it for two reasons. One, there could be good people living at these addresses, or the cars could be stolen. I don't want to put good residents in danger whatsoever. It's not worth them getting hurt. Two, I don't think the police would want me to do that. I've been approached by the CAPS Sergeant out of the 25th and he's asked me not to put that information out there. Residents were complaining to him about that. If I do put that information, I could get in trouble with CPD. I don't want to get arrested or have any lawsuits filed against me.

Anonymous said...

Re: the towing scam: is this why I see tow trucks flying towards accident sites? Because they're competing for the tow? The other night I was heading home around 1am and saw a girl on rollerblades almost get run down by a tow truck that was going 50mph around the Logan monument, then it almost got in an accident with another speeding tow truck. VERY scary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Timmy - what's the deal with the dead goats? Do you think it's related to practice of Santeria?

Anonymous said...

Timmy, I just heard from a reliable source that the teenager that found the bodies at 2922 ridgeway was a gangbanger, white, with short blond hair. We have all seen this idiot on the street before. Is he breaking into any other buildings? Occupied buildings? Garages? If we know who he is its easier to identify him to police. We do need to get granular and specific when we report to the police. I understand that we need to protect the identities of innocent people but what about identifying the obvious known gangbanger and their whereabouts. How about the affiliations of various individuals or buildings? We all need to have some level of knowledge about these guys if we are to fight them effectively. Thats all Im saying.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 12:34, I've definitely seen him before. I see him quite often, actually. The sad part about it is that his mom approves of him being in a gang, and I think she's in one herself. When I was going to Monroe, my "friends" would talk to her and I would just stand there watching. I'm not sure if he's broken into any other buildings or not. Unfortunaley, I don't know his name, or his mom's name. As far as the gangbangers go, if you have their information, you need to report it to the police. I can't really, legally, put up their information without getting in trouble with the police or getting hurt by the gangbangers.

Anonymous 12:29, I think it might be. But I've never heard of something like this before. It was kind of creepy to hear, I admit.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have more information on the Kelvyn park drug bust (ie the address on Kildare)?