Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drug Selling At George and Avers

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:01pm. Just got back from Target :). The weather's perfect. I couldn't be any happier with it. Well, that's all I have to say. Here's crime for this afternoon.

2:48 to 3:22pm - I was napping. Sorry.

4:03pm - Narcotics. George and Avers. Four to five gangbangers on the SW corner, flashing signs, shouting and selling drugs.

4:08pm - Battery in progress. Kelyvn Park. Two gangbangers fighting.

5:29pm - Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Kilbourn.

6:20pm - For those of you who live in the 30th Ward, don't forgot, we're meeting at Koz Park tomorrow at 6:30pm with the alderman to help plan activites in our ward. Also, I have an anouncement. For those of you who have Facebook, I created a page for my blog on there. It's a fan page. You can add it, and we'll see what goes from there.

6:56pm - Beat 2572 has a stop at 2911 N Harding. Female needed for a search.

7:08pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:30pm - I'm back.

7:40pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 3800 W George. Violent, elderly female who has memory loss grabbed a knife.

7:41pm - Beat 2566David has a stop at 2700 N Lawndale.

7:54pm - Check the well being. Wellington and Kenosha. Kids walking right by the track.

8:00pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord. Won't those people just move away....far, far away!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I know, right? I'm sick of them over there.

Anonymous said...

That building is a shithole, its time to call the city inspectors. I know for a fact that the landlord has been contacted and is not taking any action whatsoever and has stated that the city should evict his tenants. The people on the first floor corner are the problem and are affiliated with george/hamlin and george/ridgeway bldgs.

ProdigalOne said...

We forced folks like that off our block through persistence. It's important to keep the pressure on the building owners. They can be held responsible.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 6:31, at CAPS, that's our next step. The landlord is terrifed of her tenants. She came to our meeting last Wednesday, physically shaken up about the whole thing. As for the "George/Ridgeway bldg", which corner is that one on?

Pro, we at CAPS are doing everything in our power to rid these troublemakers. The landlord is really scared of her tenants, so we are helping her trying to evict them.

Anonymous said...

i would assume the George/Ridgeway building is the 3733 red brick building - drug dealing, regular domestic disturbances, and fights. the kids rarely get on the school bus and the unemployed adults sit out front making noise all day and night.

Anonymous said...

You might find this sad story interesting. Skeletons found on Ridgeway.


Anonymous said...

Pft. . . "the owner's scared". . . the owner ought to have the common sense not to rent to tenants she's scared of.

Prodigal One is absolutely correct-- doesn't matter if she's scared. I bet she'd be more scared of being held responsible for enabling gang activity. . .


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

odc, I'm only repeating the words of the CAPS members. They tell me that she's scared. She's an older Polish woman (who's English can barely be understood). I think that she's just afraid of retailation if they get evicted. I'm not going to comment on the rest. I just don't have anything to say, except for this. No offense to you folks, but if you feel so strongly about this, why not come to the next CAPS meeting on July 28th for Beat 2523 and let your voice be heard?

Anonymous said...

I own a building to by the Logan Square neighborhood, and let me tell you its not an easy job. Yes i suspect that I got tenants that are drug dealers and gangbangers but they dont harm other tenants or the building and its all good, but when i got pick up the rent I see them selling drugs and stuff but I really cant say nothing why? because you think there going to do what i tell them to do? hell no. Also last year a landlord got killed because he evicted drug dealers it happend like a hour after he evicted them in his store he got killed. All I have to say is the people just saying kick them out its not that easy and they will retaliate if you diss them, like I say if they respect me, I respect them In a way.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 3:24, I agree with your post. It's not easy owning a building. It's certainly not easy having gangs and drugs in your building either. The punks these days will kill someone if you tell them to move. That's just their mentality.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 8:01, got you. It's that building. I forgot for a second. I was orginally thinking that you were talking about the building on the SE corner of that intersection (it's 2857 N. Ridgeway, and 3717 or 3719, I think, on George). But yeah, you're right about that building. Lots of drug selling there and fights are not uncommon. In fact, in the summer of 2008, there were large fights there at least once a week. Also, like you, I've seen people sitting in front of there. They can be there for hours sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Timmy-

Didn't mean to come across harshly.

But, with all due respect, you and Anonymous 3:24 are on the wrong side of the law on this one.

Landlords have to do something if their tenants are selling drugs; they can get sued by neighbors, get prosecuted criminally, and even lose their property if they don't.

I know it takes work to be a landlord instead of a slumlord and I respect that. It takes work to maintain any type of building. But landlords get paid to do that.

And I'm not suggesting landlords try to tackle problems like this alone. We do have cops, and we all have neighbors.

Finally, the landlord you mention, Mike Norton. . . what a great guy and may he rest in peace. May his killer enjoy his lengthy prison sentence, and rot.

But just because that happened doesn't mean landlords around here are allowed to give up.

We ALL need everyone else to clean this hood up. And frankly I don't want Anonymous 3:24 as my neighbor, if he can't help the rest of us maintaining the hood. Who would you prefer as your neighbor-- the landlord who cares, or the one who doesn't.

Sorry for the long post but thanks as always.


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Odc, can I just ask, how am I on "the wrong side of the law" for this? I am only repeating what I have heard from going to CAPS meetings. I'm mainly just reporting what I have been told.

But I do agree with the rest of your post.

Anonymous said...

I just meant that you're on the wrong side of the law if you think it's ok for a landlord not to do anything about drug dealing gangbangers in the building.

That's all! Not calling you a criminal, promise! ;)

It just drives me crazy how some landlords like the one here actively make our neighborhood worse by taking this attitude.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 10:04:00 I have tried to stop the gangs and the dealers but it never worked. I called the cops, they sometimes wont show up and if they did they wont even search them they would just talk for 5 minutes and then leave like nothing is going on, and I tell the neighbors if my tenants are causing any problem or anything like that and they say no so I really dont care as long as I get paid my rent Im good, because I called the police lots of times and they dont do nothing so why would I care If no one else cares.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

odc, I know you're not calling me a criminal :). I don't really think it's not ok to do anything about it when you're a landlord. I'm just saying if you're scared of your tenants, you should get help from neighbors, residents, etc. For landlords who accept it and aren't scared of the tenants, oh, that's completey unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Ive been a landlord on the south and west side for years and I have evicted gangbangers and drug dealers. There are a variety of non threatening ways to do this. "We are selling the building and we need to rehab a few units starting with yours", "The city is on my ass with the condition of someof the units and I have to begin some work starting with your unit". Then of course you can also mention that the city is on your case because of all the police calls. "I dont care what you do with your own life but now it affects my property and I cant fight the city, I have to ask you to move out". Believe it or not most of the time these guys will see that your getting squeezed and its nothing personal and just move out on their own. And if all else fails you can always hire a mangement company for a year and have them clean them out. Just make sure you keep control over the managers and screen everyone they try to rent to personally. It can be done and there is no excuse.