Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crime Speciality Of The Day: Theft

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 1:38pm. It's hot out, and mostly cloudy. Anyway, I went to summer school today. The bus showed up, but not until a quarter of 9 (school starts at 7:30). That will be changed tomorrow, though. Also, I would've been back earlier, but I was editing some documents. But I'm done with that, and here's crime for this afternoon and early evening.

2:14pm - Theft. 3143 N Milwaukee. At Taco Bell. Caller was pick-pocketed.

2:34pm - Theft. Pulaski and Dickens. Three 14 yr olds snatched the 3 year old's necklace off his neck.

3:05 to 3:20, and again from 3:24 to 3:50pm - I took a small nap, but I'm back now.

4:38pm - Person w/a knife. 2908 N Springfield. Something about the neighbor being arrested last night. But how is that a knife call? That's an assault, at least.

4:58pm - Disturbance. Wellington and Hamlin. Dispute with punks over opening a fire hydrant.

5:24pm - 1) Holding the offender. 1627 N Pulaski. Shoplifting at Walgreens. 2) Gang disturbance. 24X0 N Kildare. Four Cobras hanging in front.

5:29pm - Gang disturbance. Ken-Well Park. Six of them throwing signs and selling dope.

5:43pm - Assist the citizen. 1824 N Monticello.

6:01pm - person down. Milwaukee and Ridgeway. Male laying on the sidewalk. EMS is NOT going. Don't know why.

6:28pm - Gang disturbances. On all sectors of 25. Including our sector, the 20 sector.

6:33pm - Person wanted. 3741 W Shakespeare.

6:41pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

6:55pm - I'm back.

7:25pm - Person wanted. 2990 N Milwaukee. Male wanted for DUI.

7:47pm - Narcotics. Altgeld and Kildare.

7:59pm - Narcotics. 2039 N Keeler. People doing drugs on the 3rd floor of the abandoned building. Prostituties may be involved.

8:41pm - Burglar alarm. 2200 N Pulaski. At Chicago Drier Courts.

8:52pm - Generic. 4437 W Wellington. Orange cones are blocking residents from parking.

9:01pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone. Oh, by the way, 2523's CAPS meeting is at 7pm tomorrow, 3160 N. Milwaukee, Copericus Center. If you live on the Beat, please, come. I'll be there.


Anonymous said...

6/22 11 pm. A call to 911 was placed I dont know what happned on Davlin and Barry. 3 Squad Cars and Ambulance?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Sounds pretty serious. I'll ask around, because I don't know.