Monday, June 28, 2010

EMS Run At Fullerton and Pulaski

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 1:47pm. Not in a good mood today. Lot of crap going on. Sorry you guys have to put up with it :(. I'll go to Target tomorrow or Wednesday. Here's crime for today.

2:33pm - EMS run. Fullerton and Pulaski.

2:34pm - Beat car 2523 is on a street stop at Pulaski and Wellington.

2:55pm - Domestic disturbance. 2454 N Lowell.

3:01pm - Domestic disturbance. 2705 N Monticello.

3:22pm - Beat car 2523 is on a special attention at 2856 N Avers. Event number is 11624.

3:26pm - Assault. 2004 N Pulaski. Female with a cane threatened the caller.

3:27pm - 1) DUI driver. Central Park and Oakdale. Male came out of the bar. He's so drunk that he can't start his red scooter. 2) Information for the police. On 2523's Beat.

3:46pm - Municipal ordinance violation. Kelvyn Park. People possibly selling ice cream without permits. 2505 codes this out, as they have all of the permits they need.

3:51pm - Information for the police. 2856 N Avers. A known gangbanger named Mark got into a black Lexus that has a plate of K9066199. The car went north on Avers, then went west on Wellington. This gangbanger may have a gun. But can people really be stopped now for guns? After all, starting soon, guns will be legal in Chicago.

4:07pm - Battery in progress. 2238 N Avers. People fighting in the street.

5:06pm - Disturbance. Fullerton and Pulaski.

5:27 to 5:48pm - Fell asleep. Sorry.

6:34pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

6:45pm - I'm back.

6:47pm - EMS run. 3192 N Milwaukee. 60-ish yr old man passed out on the front stairs.

7:26pm - Domestic disturbance. 3149 N Springfield. Boyfriend needs to go.

7:59pm - I have an anouncement, everyone. For those of you who have Facebook, I created a page for my blog on there. It's a fan page. You can add it, and we'll see what goes from there.

8:01pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

So I see there gun ban didnt work as they plan they did, no matter what we make illegal these bad beans are going to get there hands on. Isnt heroin, cocaine, crack, and marijuana illegal because i see these guys selling it everyday in our street corners huh.

Anonymous said...

Re: guns, I'm pretty sure the city will have to craft an ordinance that allows possession inside a home only. In other gun-crazy states like Texas, it's legal to conceal and carry, but you need a special permit for that. Your average shithead Chicago gangbanger will still be just as easily busted in the future, despite what the Supreme Court decided today.

Craig Gernhardt said...

I wasn't in a good mood this morning either. Just a real crappy day all round.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous #1 and #2, I agree.

Craig, agreed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for the both of us.

A Resident Chicago Citizen said...

I agree with the first poster.
Personally I am legally registered and own a Bulgarian custom AK47, a 1911 .45, and a police-special .38.

Frankly I'm proud that I can at least legally transport my weapons when I go to the gun range now.
Plus I'm VERY HAPPY that I won't be busted for putting 5-20 rounds into a crack-head/gangbanger that wants to break into my house. I won't be arrested for doing so because my card says so, and the defense of self and property would overrule the homicide.

For this I am happy and proud to be a respectful and safe fire-arms owner.
Brandishing, discharge, and concealing firearms will result in a felony. Especially since most of these idiots have illegally obtained and unregistered weapons.

That's what this law will do for you in Chicago. I'm sure Daley and his cronies are working out some sort of ordinance. For the meantime, I'm gonna go get my guns from the burbs where they are kept safe and sound. life is good.