Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parker On 2535's Beat, Gun Call On Altgeld

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:51am. It's a sunny morning with temps in the upper 70s, and today will be in the upper 80s with sun. Monitoring 25 just about the entire day today, but I might need to get off at some point to do some of my homework from my classes. Ah, the college life. It's unique to say the least. But enough of my observations, here's crime for today.

11:34am - Parker. On 2535's Beat.

12:03pm - Some call in the area, I believe on 2523's Beat.

12:37pm - Person w/ a gun. 37XX W Altgeld. Male Hispanic with a white t-shirt, red shorts and a backpack has a gun. It's in the backpack. Another male is standing with him.

1:08pm - Beat 2576Sam is doing a school check at the ASPIRA Early College Prep, 3986 W Barry.

1:14pm - Traffic accident. 4100 W Wrightwood.

1:25pm - Bomb threat. 26XX N Kildare. Caller thinks they found some grenades. I'll keep listening on this one.

1:29pm - Beat 2582 is doing segway patrol on Fullerton this afternoon from Pulaski to Kilbourn. Event number is 09212.

1:30pm - Theft. 3701 W Diversey. At the store.

1:35pm - Beat 2544 is asking for a call back on the 1:30pm job. Dispatch is trying it now.

1:43pm - 2544 is pulling an RD number from the 1:35pm job. It's HV450714 with the event number is 09088.

2:04pm - Threatening suicide. 43XX W Schubert. Husband's threatening to kill himself, has a gun.

2:35pm - Beat 2583 is doing foot patrol on the 4400 block of W Diversey this afternoon.

3:22pm - Some call on the 2500 block of N Springfield. Not sure exactly what it was for.

5:56pm - Beat 2554 is doing a gang suppression mission on 2535's Beat this evening. Event number is 14206.

6:11pm - Gang disturbance. Schubert and Kostner. Several by the park, flashing gang signs.

6:24pm - Beat 2545 is doing a post-shooting mission on the 3600 block of W Diversey. Event number is 14793. Didn't know we had a shooting there last night.

6:25pm - Disturbance. 4423 W Diversey. Couple of males begging in front.

6:28pm - Traffic pursuit. Traffic pursuit. Moblie and Diversey. Beat 2566Boy is pursuing a hot car, red SUV in color, west on Diversey towards Narragansett. Car was involved in a robbery earlier today.

6:29pm - North on Narragansett towards Wellington. This car's speeding at a high rate of speed.

6:30pm - North on Narragansett, crossing Addison. 16's being notified. Still heading north. Sounds kind of dangerous at this point.

6:31pm - Still north on Narragansett, approaching Wright College. Headed into Harwood Heights. Oh lord. I go to school up that way, too.

6:32pm - Approaching Gunnison on Nagle. Past Harwood Heights, still in 16 though.

6:33pm - West on Gunnison towards Harlem.

6:34pm - Passing Foster on Harlem.

6:35pm - Car's getting on the Kennedy Expressway, at about Bryn Mawr and Harlem.

6:36pm - Approaching Cumberland on Higgins. Headed west towards the Rosemont and Des Plaines suburbs, also into the O'Hare area.

6:37pm - North on East River Road from Higgins.

6:38pm - West on Devon from East River Road.

6:39pm - North on River Road, approaching Touhy. Car's possibly trying to get on the Tri-State (I-294).

6:40pm - West on Touhy from River Road. Right by O'Hare Airport. Beat 2501 wants the Heilcopter to respond.

6:41pm - Still west on Touhy, past Mannhiem. Sounds like they're headed towards Elk Grove Village.

6:42pm - 2501 is telling them to terminate the chase. 18:42 hours on the clock. 16 is still chasing, so everything's on Zone 1 now.

6:44pm - Update from Zone 1: This is a carjacking. The victim is still in the car, and has a baby with her.

6:46pm - Update from Zone 1: South on Mannheim, from Touhy. Going right past the Allstate Area. Beat car 1622 is chasing.

6:47pm - South on Mannheim, passing O'Hare. Beat 1650 is telling 16th District units to terminate.

6:49pm - 1) Criminal trespass. 30XX N Monticello. Two males going into the vacant building. 2) Beat 1600XRay has the car going INTO the O'Hare Airport complex. Near Bessie Coleman Dr.

6:50pm - The car's right in the Arrival section of the O'Hare Airport. Ooooo, this sounds dangerous....

6:51pm - The car's going down some runways, trying to approach the Kennedy.

6:53pm - Alright, the offender is in custody. By the airport. Great, great job to all the officers involved! 18:53 on the time.

6:54pm - Beat 1652 has two kids in her car that were in the car and reports that they are fine, just shaken up. Back to our neighborhood now...

7:30pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:44pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:49pm - Shots Fired. Springfield and George. Several shots heard.

7:50pm - Shots Fired. 29XX N Springfield. Couple of calls coming in. Male Black with a black t-shirt and black jean shorts is doing the shooting.

7:51pm - Person Shot. George and Springfield. Male shot on a porch at a building about three doors north of the intersection. Male Hispanic with a black shirt is running towards Diversey in the alley between Springfield and Avers with a group of 15 males chasing him.

7:53pm - A slow down is being given on the shooting per Beat car 2525. No one's shot at this time, but there have been shots fired. Several citizens are talking with CPD at this time.

8:06pm - 1) Parker. 40XX W George. 2) Animal bite. 43XX W Wrightwood. 3) Battery in progress. Springfield and Altgeld. 4) Suspicious vehicle. 36XX W Wabansia. Car's been sitting there a couple of days. 5) Parker. 25XX N Harding.

8:15pm - I need to go work on my homework, so I'm going to do that. I'll be back in two hours. See you all then.

10:15pm - I'm back again.

10:19pm - Narcotics. Diversey and Ridgeway. Selling.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


My Virtual Neighbor said...

Pretty cool that you blog about the crimes going on around you! That's really great that you let the people in your community know about what's going on!

We try to do the same with our crime map.

Anonymous said...

Heard that car chase was over nonsense. No robbery, just a wanted offender.