Saturday, August 4, 2012

Community Violence: Two Batteries And A Break-In

Good morning, everyone. I really do apologize if I'm nearly a week a late on all of this, thus not making this blog as reliable as a source as it should be, but I've been extremely busy in my personal life and haven't really had the time to do posts like this. But I will get to the subject at hand, and it's regarding some community violence that occurred earlier this week, around last weekend's time to be exact. But I still think everyone needs to be aware of what's happened. In this list of incidents I'll be taking about, I'll be going by the most serious crime first.

Last Sunday, on the 29th, I received word of a battery that occurred at Wrightwood and Sawyer around 4pm. Apparently a woman was attacked and robbed in the alley in between an apartment building at 2537-2539 N Sawyer and the church at 3235 W. Wrightwood, which would be the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. According to the source I received this information from, the woman was walking by herself in the alley when she was attacked and robbed by a lone man. He allegedly struck her in the face with a stick, which the source says a detective said that she may lose her right eye.

On the same above date, except later in the evening around 11pm, another battery was reported at Springfield and Wellington. According to an email I received on it, a dark-colored (black, maybe navy) SUV stopped in the middle of the intersection and the passengers got out, then proceeded to beat on each other relentlessly for a good two minutes. The person who reported this says that it was difficult to figure out what exactly was happening. I have a description of one offender, and he was a male Hispanic in his mid 20s to late 30s with a buzzed haircut, last seen wearing a white/gray thick-striped shirt.

Finally, I will get to the break-in. This occurred on Monday, the 30th, in the southeast part of Logan Square. According to what I have, someone's boyfriend heard rummaging in the kitchen of a residence over there, and saw a male Black breaking in through their kitchen window. The boyfriend noticed him, made him drop everything and he ran off. Sounds like nothing happened, right? Nope. Then the person went on to say that this guy broke into the upstairs neighbor's apartment with a crowbar, which pried the back door of that apartment open. The neighbors discovered it when they came home from work. Missing was money, TV, a sound system, etc.

I know all of this doesn't really sound like much, and I know it's delayed information, but I figure that all of you should still know. I have said this countless times, but will say it again. Call 911, obviously, when you see something happening. But not only call when something's happen. Also call when you spot suspicious characters on your block, around your property, etc. Watch your surroundings and observe people around you. Also especially look out for women who are walking alone, or those who have really young children. Keep a special eye out on the elderly and disabled as well. Get to know your neighbors, and attend your CAPS meeting. Call your alderman, too.

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Anonymous said...

Well it's now official. They will be writing anov's for weed possession. Just in time for Lollapolooza. $20 bags of heroin or crack will probably be next.

Anonymous said...

Any information on the attacker of the Wrightwood/Altged attack? Do police believe it is the same guy that was responsible for all the late night attacks in LS?

Anonymous said...

Why don't these women just yank his dong off during the attack? I mean you got him by the balls, right?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 5:13, I haven't heard anything else from this incident or from the other incidents.

Anonymous 10:46, heard about that. Personally, I think it's a good idea. With the amount of gang-related crimes certain areas in Chicago have, we need our Tac officers on the streets, rather than in the station on a 3 or 4-hour report that the judge will most likely dismiss anyway when they go to court.