Thursday, August 16, 2012

** Important Anouncement Re: Interview Request - Please Read **

Good afternoon, everyone. Hope all is well with everyone. I'm having a nice time off from blogging and I'm just enjoying my last days off before becoming a college student. With that said, I need a favor, particularly from any one of my older and more loyal readers, if anyone would be so kind to help me out. I had an interview earlier today with a grad student from Northwestern College for a story she's doing on my blog, and her editor has the deadline for her story being tomorrow, and if anyone in the area would be interested to speaking to her either in person or on the phone, that would be greatly appreciated. She needs more than one source (me) for my story, and another source will be my mother, but another source is needed. She is in the area this evening if anyone is willing to talk to her. She probably would just like to ask some questions about how long you've been reading, how you feel about the blog, crime in the area, me, etc. Shouldn't be that many questions.

If you are interested, please email me at ASAP, so I can forward you her contact information. She says that tonight or tomorrow would work, but she does need the story done by tomorrow. Anyone who does this would have my unspeakable appreciation, and next month, I will invite you out for dinner, with the food and what not payed for by me. Or, if that doesn't float in your boat (LOL), I will  take your requests for what Zones to cover and your preferred time period for me to cover.

Thanks so much in advance!



Anonymous said...

Timmy, check your email and let me know if you still need someone to talk to her!

Alex P. Keaton said...

Any reason why it is taking 30+ minutes on "in progress" calls? Why does Fire always have to need the police to assist? I heard Chicago will be getting Federal help from some agents. Welcome to a "World Class" city folks.