Friday, August 3, 2012

Female Walking Near Railroad Tracks On Avondale, Assault On Belmont

Good morning, everyone, it's 10:20am. Sorry I'm late, but I had to take care of some stuff, and probably will have to later as well. I don't know yet. Today's a sunny day with temps in the mid 80s, and it's going to get into the mid 90s. Another hot one. Monitoring 17 today. With that, here's crime.

11:37am - Check the well being. Addison and Avondale. Female walking on the side of the railroad tracks, looks like she might fall or something.

11:40am - Assault in progress. 3320 W Belmont. Male Black in a white tanktop is threatening customers in front.

2:36pm - Backlog in 17 at 14:36 hours. One in progress job and some priorities, but none of them are in this area.

4:30pm to 5:00pm - I think I might have missed a call in the area, but I'm not sure. Sorry, guys.

6:48pm - Burglar alarm. 3844 W Belmont. At the bank.

7:20pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:50pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

8:04pm - Disturbance. St. Louis and Addison. Female peeing on herself at the bus stop.

8:35pm - Backlog is taken out of 17 at 20:35 hours.

9:43pm - Gang disturbance. Eddy and Lawndale. Group on the corner, throwing up signs.

10:28pm - They're calling back on the 9:43pm job.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll do better blogging of 17 later this month. Sorry about the pretty bad blogging today, but my mind's been elsewhere and I've been busy. I'll be back in the morning with 25. Good night, everyone.

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