Saturday, July 23, 2011

Traffic Lights Out At Belmont And Pulaski

Good morning, everyone, it's 11:21am. What a stormy morning we had this morning. Lots of lighting, but a TON of rain. We had about four to seven inches to fall on Chicago. But now it's cloudy, and the sun will probably come out at some point. It's going to be in the mid to upper 80s. Anyway, today, I'm monitoring 17 for all of the residents North of Belmont. I will be paying special attention to the 3200 block of N Albany, that has been experiencing lots of gang problems lately, and they are escalating. Hopefully nothing happens over there this evening. So with that, here's crime for today.

11:38am - Traffic lights are out. Belmont and Pulaski.

1:17pm - Wanted from a robbery that occurred on the 2900 block of N Allen in 14 is a male Black, 5'4, 130 lbs, no shirt and black pants. He took a black bag with $100 in it and the victim's IDs. The bag has an American Airlines symbol on it. He fled north on Kimball towards Wellington. This is just for information for the units on the southern end of 17.

3:26pm - Theft. 3302 W Belmont. At the Best Buy. Caller lost their phone and the person who found says they have to pay them $100 to get it back.

3:54pm - Beat car 1731 has a handwaver for a disturbance at Addison and Kedzie. They're ok.

7:00pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:19pm - I'm back.

7:59pm - Loud music disturbance. 33XX N Harding.

8:32pm - Speed chase. Speed chase. Milwaukee and Davlin. Beat car 1732 is chasing a car heading south on Milwaukee, heading towards Haussen. It's a red Honda Accord with an Indiana plate. This is right in our area. I'll be monitoring this very closely.

8:33pm - North on Ridgeway from Milwaukee.

8:34pm - South on Central Park from Belmont.

8:35pm - The car's stopped and the offender is in custody at 3607 W Belmont. Officer says it's not a chase.

9:04pm - Disturbance. 32XX N Whipple.

9:21pm - Fireworks. 3800 block of W Cornelia.


paul 1732 said...

Timmy, the fireworks on Cornelia is actually on the 3700 block. their almost a nightly occurance. Why is it that people think that others want to hear their noisy fireworks? it's ridiculous, disrespectful, and immature. Most service veterans have absolutely no love for
the reminders of battle that fireworks bring back. Also,
any pet owner can attest to adverse reaction to their animals. Please grow up people!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Paul, the call that I heard had them on the 3800 block. I agree with you on what you said.

Jim Swenney said...

I donno, with all the different countries independence days it could be a celebration of that country.