Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Men Enter Building On Monitcello

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:02pm. Sorry I'm late today, but I was listening to the tape I recorded during the overnight hours of Citywide 6 as a result of that incident that happened in 11 last night. About that, both officers are excepted to recover. One remains hospitalized at this time. Anyway, it's hot out today. It's in the upper 80s with sunshine. Tomorrow and Thursday are going to be way hotter, near 100, so it will be a scorcher. I advise all of you that if you don't have anywhere to go after 11am, don't. Stay inside and stay cool.

6:08pm - Suspicious person. 19XX N Monticello. Four males went into the front door of a building.

6:22pm - Beat 2520 is closing a hydrant at 2058 N Avers.

6:35pm - 2520 has closed a hydrant in front of Our Lady Of Grace Church on Ridgeway.

6:38pm - Robbery report. 3019 N Milwaukee. Caller was robbed of the necklace.

6:54pm - Gang disturbance. Shakespeare and Lawndale. Multiple calls for a group of males representing in the middle of the street.

6:56pm - Beat car 2523 needs a Polish speaker on the 6:38pm job. Dispatch tries 2514, but they're in the station on an arrest. Then she tries 2584, but they're heading to lunch. 2584 wants 2523 to give them a call.

7:21pm - Battery. 21XX N Springfield.

7:38pm - Gang disturbance. Koz Park.

7:50pm - I'm going to go. I just don't really feel like blogging tonight, because of all the work I did last night with the incident in 11. Have a good night, everyone.

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bobbo said...

How many abandoned vacant buildings are now in the city? With the housing market crash so many homes were abandoned. The mortgage was higher than what the property was worth...