Sunday, July 17, 2011

EMS Run On Cortland, Golf Club Chasers On Diversey

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:45am. It's currently sunny and humid. It's in the mid 80s already. It's supposed to warm up into the mid 90s today, with the rest of the week being the same. They're even saying we might have a heat wave on our hands, which of course wouldn't be good. Anyway, tomorrow, I won't be here until about 1pm or 2pm. I won't be attending summer school, but I have to take care of some family business. Then, at 7pm, I have the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting I probably will be attending. Finally, on Thursday, I'm attending a burglary seminar being held at the 25th District. So, with that, here's crime for today.

9:03am - EMS run. 26XX W Cortland.

9:17am - Assault in progress. Diversey and Albany. In the north alley, heading east, there are three gangbangers chasing a teenager with golf clubs.

9:19am - Beat car 1424, the responding unit to the EMS run, says that it's a DOA. 42 yr old male with down syndrome, under doctor's care. Appears natural. Also, 1411, the responding unit to the assault, says that there's no victim on scene, but there are witnesses saying this happened. The van fled down Albany, towards George. It has a broken window. A slow down is being given.

9:28am - Beat car 1412 is running a name at 2722 N Kedzie.

9:43am - Battery in progress. Albany and Diversey. Gang fight by the laundry mat. It's those people from earlier. The van with the broken window, gray in color, is back on scene. Four VS two. The car has a plate of 2531Z.

9:46am - Another slow down is being given on this gang fight. Once again, nothing's going on over there.

10:34am - Traffic accident. 25XX W Diversey. Caller's car was just involved in an accident.

10:38am - Burglar alarm. 16XX N Fairfield.

10:39am - Parker. On 1412's Beat.

10:44am - 1) Residential alarm. 23XX N Maplewood. 2) Assault. 29XX N Allen. Landlord tried to hit the caller with a shoe.

11:09am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 1838 N Marshfield. Former tenant on scene.

11:42am - Suspicious vehicle. George and Western. Car blocking the intersection has been there for the last half hour, and the man in the car is on the phone.

11:52am - The 11:42am job is coded. The guy's waiting on a tow because his car broke down.

12:02pm - 1) Traffic accident. 1940 N Elston. 2) Parker. On 1433's Beat.

12:23pm - Animal abuse. Milwaukee and Washtenaw. Dog locked in a car with all the windows rolled up.

12:47pm - Theft. 28XX W Belden. A Cricket phone was stolen.

1:35 to 1:45pm - There may have been a call or two in the area.

2:00pm - I'm back with 25.

2:39pm - Open hydrant. Wabansia and Harding.

2:55pm - They're calling back on the 2:39pm job.
Two male Hispanics trying to open hydrant, white shorts and red T-shirts. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

3:54pm - Gang disturbance. Fullerton and somewhere.

3:56pm - EMS run. 26XX N Harding.

3:57pm - Gang disturbance. North and Springfield. Two males throwing bottles at traffic, heading east.

4:15pm - The 3:56pm job is a bona fide DOA. The victim was 55 yrs old and died of natural causes. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

4:19pm - Criminal damage. 22XX N Lawndale. Four male Hispanics pounding on fire hydrant with a hammer trying to open it. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call.

4:54pm - Parker. 25XX N Hamlin.

4:57pm - Open hydrant. 37XX W Lyndale. Kids playing in the hydrant.

5:13pm - Sex offense. 28XX N Hamlin. Male touched the caller's daughter.

5:28pm - I guess this is effective beginning today, but the Chicago Police Department is going to start arresting people who are opening up fire hydrants, and will confiscate and inventory any and all items used to open them up.

5:48pm - EMS run. 3100 block of N Hamlin. In between Belmont and Milwaukee on Hamlin, there's a man down on the ground.

5:49pm - Beat 2520 needs another car at Schubert and Pulaski. He's got an open hydrant.

5:53pm - The 5:13pm job is bona fide, by the way.

6:02pm - 2520 now needs a car at 2130 N Kedvale. He's going to shut off another hydrant. 2513 is heading over to assist.

6:20pm - 2520 reports that the 6:02pm hydrant is now closed, and now they're trying to close the one on the southwest corner of Karlov and Dickens.

7:00pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:13pm - I'm back.

8:04pm - Gang disturbance. Palmer and Karlov. Four of them on the corner, throwing up gang signs.

8:12pm - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Palmer.

9:21pm - Arson. 37XX W Palmer. Kids tried to burn down the house. They burned the garage. They're being held.

9:26pm - Some call in the area.

10:05pm - I'm gone for the night. See you all tomorrow. Good night.


Undergrounded said...

I know the city's logic in keeping the hydrants closed, but seriously - these kids are hot and have nowhere nearby to go in most cases. What few public pools there are are packed on days like this, IF they can get there, and IF there aren't 5 gangs to bypass to get there....
I'd rather have them playing in the water than running wild.

The hydrants have been opened for kids to play in since I was a kid in the 60's. Leave 'em alone, unless there is a legitimate reason to close them nearby (ie; fire).

Anonymous said...

Hey Underground, open hydrants seriously effect water pressure and other problems if there is a severe rainstorm like last year in August when my basement flooded with 22 inches of water. Do you think that those thousands of gallons of water in the sewer system didn't contribute to an already bad situation. Parents can get a kiddie pool and put it in the yard!

no. said...

I completely disagree with undergrounded. The water takes away from the pressure in households. Also, they make it a problem if there were to be e fire in the area. That rule is there for a reason.

Roadwolf said...

Yes open hydrants in the city deplete needed water pressure in the system and can cause a dangerous situation if other hydrants around the open one need to be used during a fire. The pressure gap is enormous when one is open and the others up or down the line do not work properly. There is a reason that city officials and the CFD request constantly that people stop this act. Go buy a kiddy pool at Target for $15 and let the kids sit in it. Or get a hose and connect it to the spout on the building and let the kids hose each other down. Or go take a cold bath. Hydrants are for putting out fires and should only be touched by the City of Chicago Fire Department.

Undergrounded said...

What little utopia community did you people grow up in? I'm willing to bet not one of you ever played in a hydrant as a kid...this has been the way of the inner city forever.

Another example of the privileged moving into a depressed area, then wanting everything to be like the burbs...

no. said...

I take offense to that Underground. I was born and raised in Chicago in the West Town with a fire hydrant on the corner. As a child, if it was open, I would go wonder in it. If I knew what I know now, def. not a good choice if there were to be a fire. Furthermore, there was a fire in the building next to ours, say the fire hydrant was used the day before or hours before, no pressure would exist thus putting our building in danger of getting caught on fire, which was pretty close. I think that reason itself speaks volumes.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Undergrounded, this isn't that serious of an issue, so there is no need to hurl attacks at people like that. But, I am in agreement with everyone else here. Those hydrants should NOT be open and it does create hazards to have those open. Let me you ask this. If you lived across the street from an open hydrant, and lived in the basement, do you really want your basement flooding? Think about it. Also, the other people here are right, there are pools, sprinklers and a bunch of other things these people can go into. And before you think I grew up in the burbs, no way. I have lived in this neighborhood my entire life.

bobbo said...

We used to play in the lawn sprinkler in the yard as a kid. Maybe the folks in the city just don't water their lawns anymore...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Undergrounded. They didn't have water parks back in the 60's. Get with the modern times, check the park districts web site for a watwer park near you.. Seems lots in the city. (Laramie/Hirsh. Kedvale/Hirsh, Riis Park, Blackhawk Park, etc..)