Saturday, July 30, 2011

Report Illegal Parties In Your Neighborhood

Illegal parties can have a devastating impact on your community, causing public disorder and potentially leading to an increase in violence. Some of the signs that an illegal party may be taking place include:

  • Large numbers of people gathering in or around vacant buildings
  • People charging admission to parties
  • Selling alcohol at parties
  • Overcrowding
  • Excessive noise
  • People drinking on the street
  • Fights or other disturbances
If you suspect an illegal party is occurring in your neighborhood, call 911 immediately. You can also text a message to police at CRIMES (274637) -- start your text message with CPD -- or call your local District Station if you have information that an illegal party is going to occurr in your neighborhood.


bobbo said...

When did this block party nonsense get started? Man, try to drive thru some nieghborhoods and every other street is blocked off. You have folks getting drunk, blasting loud music wandering in the street. Why is it legal to drink beer on the street during these fests?

Mary Mitchell said...

The only way to rid the area of Milwaukee ave. is to close that liquor store at Ridgeway and Milwaukee. They serve most of the homeless. Or how about banning the sale of 1/2 pints and those 40oz. beers?
If a store is not helping end the drunken street nonsense it should be closed down.

Anonymous said...

The store you are referring to, Danny's, has already been reported to the liquor commissioner and has a date set for a deleterious impact hearing. You should attend the hearing. It is very useful for the city to have neighbors come to the hearings and explain the problems. The moderator of this blog has all the information in regards to the date, time and place that the hearing will be held.