Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shots Fired On Sawyer; On Beat 2523

Good afternoon, everyone. I received a comment from a reader who says shots were fired this morning in the vicinity of Belmont and Sawyer. This happened around 4:00am. Here is the comment:

"Any info on the shots fired around 4 AM on 7/27/11 near Belmont and the 3100 block of N Sawyer?"

Also, there were at least five gunshots fired in the area north of Koz Park around 1:45am this morning. My mother heard them and said they sounded like they were coming from Hamlin, and a neighbor I talked to tonight who lives on Avers, says that she heard them as well.

If anyone has any information or insights on one or both incidents, please post it here, the Facebook page, or my inbox.

Thank you,


LSResident said...

Did anyone call the police? Did they come and do a report?

Anonymous said...

hey Tim rumor has it on the police blogs that the kid who was shot by the cops a couple of days ago addmitted that he had a bb gun when shot, of course the media wont report that just like they wont show the full picture of him flashing gang signs,

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 5:49, you're 100% correct! He confessed to using the BB gun and notice the media doesn't report it because the sensationalism is now gone! The media is largely responsible for promoting the distrust and hatred of the police. I can tell you that as police officer, I have never left for work hoping to have shoot someone but if I need to in order to defend another citizen , my partner as well as myself, I can assure you that I can deal with the criticism and heat but we're all going home that night!

Anonymous said...

at 6:18 i was 5:49, just so you know you guys got more fans than you think.

Signed a guy who used to be liberal until he moved to Chicago

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous 8:58 who used to be a liberal ! It is just such a thankless job and unfortunately everyone has all the time they need to second guess you when essentially in a shoot or no shoot situation, you have literally seconds to decide and then years to live with the consequences!

Anonymous said...

There were 5 squad cars on Sawyer and about 10 cops after the shots. We heard someone was shooting at the ground after an argument. There was a car that sped away after the shots.