Monday, May 16, 2011

Walgreens Well Being Check On Milwaukee

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:15pm. School today was pretty fun but tiring as usual. I'd be a little less tired if it weren't so cold out today. It's only in the upper 40s or lower 50s, for the middle of May. Instead of wearing shorts, we're in winter coats. What a shame. But it'll warm up soon enough. Anyway, I'm only going to blog until 5:30pm today because I have a meeting to go tonight. It's the Avondale Neighborhood Association meeting, at St. Hyacinth's. It begins at 7. Speaking of that, I have quite a week ahead of me. Tomorrow I may go to CAPS Beat 2525's meeting for a visit, then 1431's meeting on Thursday. Then on Friday, I have to stay after school for the Talent Show. To top it off, I'll be in the autism walk at Soldier Field on Saturday. So a pretty busy week for me, you can say. With that, here's crime for the next hour.

4:37pm - Check the well being. 2001 N Milwaukee Ave. At Walgreens. 10 yr old boy told the manager of Walgreens that his father is trying to kill him. The boy is in the stock room and the father is in the store, shopping.

4:44pm - Battery. 18X0 W Armitage. Caller's son was beaten up by a gang member. This occurred about 25 minutes ago somewhere else.

4:52pm - Traffic accident. Homer and Ashland.

4:53pm - Some call at 3034 N Francisco.

5:04pm - The 4:44pm job is actually an attempt robbery. It occurred at 1900 W Armitage. Wanted is a male Hispanic, 20-25 yrs old, 5'5, 200 pounds, red and black checker shirt, and blue jeans. An RD number is being pulled for this, and it's
HT298888 with the event number of 11585.

5:11pm - Traffic accident. 2827 N Elston. Two cars, no injures.

5:25pm - There was a call on Kimball somewhere regarding a homeless man causing problems.

5:30pm - I'm going to go, and on that note, I'm gone for the night. See you all tomorrow. Good night, everyone.


americanlt said...

Timmy, if you attend the Caps meeting please ask them about "the broken window" philosophy on crime rate. The police need to get tough on the "quality of life" violations in the city. New York City did it & now it's safe.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the "quality of life" issues here in Chicago take a back seat to all of the gang related shootings and homicides as well burglaries and robberies!
The Chicago Police Dept is short about 2500 Police Officers and is spread so thin that they can no long be proactive and effective that way, therefore leaving only a reactive department.
By the way, New York city is not "safe" now and if you think that it is, you have a false sense of security!
People in the neighborhoods need to get tough on the "quality of life" issues and call their alderman, etc instead of turning a blind eye or refusing to get involved!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I called my Alderman several times about the slum I live i, with a history of building code violations, drug deals/usage, gangbangers in & out at all a building inspector here, but nothing really changes. They warn the owner, they goes on as before, with maybe a few cosmetic repairs.
Get involved? I was threatened with eviction, had pkgs "lost" & returned , went through the whole winter with a broken window...

Why bother? Nobody, especially the Alderman, give a damn about the quality of our lives, only their comfy jobs.

And you can edit this if you want Timmy, but the building in question is 2001 N California. Nothing but trouble, trust me.

Anonymous said...

RE: Unfortunately, I called my Alderman several times .....

If your landlord fails to make repairs, for instance your broken window and then threatens you because you are complaining, under the Landlord Tenant part of the City of Chicago Municipal Code, you have the right to hold back the rent until the repairs are completed and the dwelling is safe. If your Landlord threatens you, then that is a Police matter and you should call 911.
As far as the gangbangers and the drug sales, that is definitely 911 as well as the alderman's office and I would send the complaint to the alderman in the form of an email so you have a record of your requests and repeated complaints. The next step is to copy those emails and forward them to the Mayor's Office explaining that you have not received a satisfactory response or no response.
You can also try calling the 14th Dist. Tactical and Gang Office directly, (312)744-8984 and offer them a spot to sit and conduct surveillance in order to catch these guys selling, because one bag of anything is not significant for them to go away! They need to be arrested with the pack in order for it be a felony. Only suggestions on how you can help make your life better.

Anonymous said...

How did the meeting go at St. Hyacinth and do you have the dates and times in advance for future meetings so that we could get the word out?


sgt. Benderski said...

The numbers of police are not short. Since the population of Chicago is now below three million the number of police per citizens is actually up.

Anonymous said...

RE: sgt. Benderski said...

The numbers of police are not short. Since the population of Chicago is now below three million the number of police per citizens is actually up.

Okay, first tell that to all the beat cars working 99 each night and all the people who are denied time due each weekend! Then, convince me that every illegal residing in this sanctuary city filled out a census form and that those numbers are accurate!

Sgt. Benderski said...

The dept. hides lots of officers inside. There's so many specila units and details which just waste the depts. manpower.