Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gang Disturbance On Belmont

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:20pm. What a beautiful day out. It's in the upper 60s right now with quite a bit of sun. And I'm in a good mood :). Tired though. So anyway, I'm more than likely going to CAPS Beat 1431's meeting tonight at the 14th District Station. I hope a considerable number of residents show up, including any fans I may have living on that Beat. Also, tomorrow, I have to stay after school for our Talent Show. I'm of the people in charge of it so I have to monitor it. Then I have an eventful weekend. I'm doing the autism walk on Saturday at Soldier Field then I'm going to a play on Sunday. So these next few days should be fun. Summer is almost hear, after all. So, with that, here's crime for portions of this afternoon and evening.

3:25pm - Gang disturbance. 37X3 W Belmont.

4:04pm - I'm going to go out for a little bit. I'll be back.

4:36pm - I'm back.

5:38pm - I'm gone for the night. Going to get ready for 1431's CAPS meeting. Goodnight, all.

8:27pm - I'm back for now. Shots Fired. Koz Park. Four to five shots heard. People running.

8:29pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:27pm job. Officers see or hear nothing, and there are no handwavers.

8:30pm - The call is a 19Boy for now, but Beat 2563Boy, one of the units that responded, will hang out in the area. Also, 2563B reports that a citizen told them a small brown vehicle with tinted windows were involved.

8:33pm - Shots Fired. Diversey and Springfield. Four to five shots fired by four to five male Hispanics who ran towards the Walgreens at Diversey and Pulaski.

8:38pm - Shots Fired. 2600 N Avers. 6 heard.

8:39pm - The 8:38pm job is a 19B. 2505 has been there for nearly 10 minutes and hasn't heard a thing.

8:47pm - 1) 2505 has a traffic stop at Diversey and Kilbourn. 2) Suspicious person. 3607 W Fullerton. At the Tony's. Male in his 50s with a black Spider man jacket keeps coming in and out of the store.

9:01pm - Panic alarm. 3133 N Milwaukee.

9:51pm - Shots Fired. Kelvyn Park.

9:52pm - 2563B says it's fireworks at Kelvyn Park.

9:59pm - Shots Fired. 2511 N Lowell. 4 shots heard.

10:00pm - I'm going to bed. See you all tomorrow.

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