Saturday, May 28, 2011

Burglar Report On Avers

Good morning, everyone, it's 8am. I'm monitoring 17 most of today for you good residents North of Belmont in our community. It'll probably be quiet as usual, especially with it going to rain and storm today, but it's something I feel I have to do. Anyway, like this week, next week won't be busy at all for me. The only thing I'm doing this upcoming week is going to send a friend of mine off to her prom on Friday night. I have no community obligations to do. But in middle and later June, there are a few community meetings I need to attend. So enough of my babbling on and here's crime for today.

8:44am - Burglar report. 3217 N Avers.

10:55am - Open property. 3843 W Addison. Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call while I was out.

12:27pm - Disturbance. 2901 W Addison. Fight over a parking spot.
Thanks to ProdigalOne for obtaining this call while I was out.

2:22pm - Beat 1762Eddie is running a name at 3225 N Monticello.

2:39pm - Parker. 3251 N Troy.

3:53pm - The 16th District is handling an aggravated battery incident at OLR Hospital from the 3900 block of W Schubert.

4:46pm - Beat car 1732 has a street stop at Addison and Kimball.

5:52pm - Burglar alarm. 3844 W Belmont. At the bank.

6:08pm - Battery. Belmont and Central Park. Male hit a female several times in the face on a CTA bus. 2510 is on scene and says the bus is on 17's side.

6:55pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:14pm - I'm back.

7:20pm - EMS run. School and Hamlin. Person down, not responding.

7:23pm - The 7:19pm guy is ok. He got up and walked away.

7:46pm - Now the 7:20pm guy is at 3242 on Hamlin.

8:49pm - Person calling for help. 3507 N Springfield. A child is screaming for help.

8:54pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:49pm job. There's a grandmother out there with a child, but CPD doesn't think that child needs help.

9:57pm - Beat car 1733Robert is doing a Community Concern at Reilly School, 3650 W. School, per 1701.

11:36pm - Disturbance. 34XX N Ridgeway.

12:00am - I'm gone until 1:18. I'll be monitoring 25 at that point. I'm gone with 17 until next month. See you all a little later.

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Anonymous said...

Dear timmy,

It's burglary report. Not burglar.