Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beat 2525 CAPS Meeting This Evening (5-17-11)

Good evening, everyone. I attended 2525's CAPS meeting tonight. This was my first and only visit to that meeting. There were no old problems to report since only one person attended the last meeting (I'll get to that in a second), so I'll move straight to the new problem brought up, which was:

* A lot of graffiti in the area of Kedvale and Fullerton.

Before I share my observations, I have two announcements to make. First, a number of arrests have been made from the string of burglaries that have been occurring in the area of McLean and Central Park. Two, there will be a free bike workshop in the parking lot of the 25th District on Saturday beginning at 10:00am. The CPD, and others, will be there to teach people how to ride bikes, to fix them, to give out free helmets and a number of other things. It promises to be a promising event, but I won't be there. I'm doing the autism walk.

Other observations:
> This was the poorest CAPS Beat meeting I've ever attended. It was horrible. There were only three residents, two from the same block. Commander Velez tells me that attendance at 2525's meetings has always been really horrible. This is the best attendance he's seen in a while, actually. They've had to cancel meetings before because of only one person showing up, or in a couple of cases, no one. But someone from the 30th Ward told me that 2535's attendance is worse. Not a soul shows up. So I have this to say. People on Beat 2525: ATTEND your CAPS meeting! It's sickening in my opinion that people always want to make complaints about this Beat but no one ever shows up to the meetings. At this point, CPD is pleading for people to come to these meetings. Horrible stuff.
> The most crimes were battery (31 reported incidents), burglary (27 reported incidents) and narcotics (22 reported incidents).

Next meeting: July 9, 2011 at Mozart Park (2036 N. Avers) at 6:30PM.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

i would love to attend my cap meetings but i cannot attend due to my work hours, someday they will understand that not all people work 9 to 5

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

So basically we should stop asking people to attend our meetings? Fine by me. Gives me all the more chance to talk with CPD about the problems on my block.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the meetings, but they scheduled it earlier in the evening. So can't make it because of work.

CAPS can help, but not completely. We need more police on the streets. I have called the police multiple times and many times they never show up or come hours later. Doesn't give me or others confidence in them.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I was told yesterday by Commander Velez that the 25th District has received an additional 41 officers for the District. So that puts 41 more bodies on the street. And as far as them coming late, sorry, but if your call isn't about gunshots, large fights, etc., then you'll have to wait. CPD responds to the highest priority calls first and works it's way down the list. If you don't see them responding to your call, perhaps they're in an unmarked vehicle at times and don't really make their presence known.

Anonymous said...

025 received an extra 43 officers? They'll just get put into more special units (mission teams) which just hide out and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

How would I know which beat meeting to attend? I live by central park and fullerton

Anonymous said...

Timmy would you be able to post information about the beats, and what areas belong to what beats. Sometimes it is lack of information that jeoperdizes attandance in these meetings.


Anonymous said...

Hi, your article says the next meeting is July 9 at 6:30pm. But July 9th is a Saturday. Did you mean July 19th, which would be the 3rd Tuesday of the month? I think 2525 is held every other month on the 3rd Tuesday.