Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Car Call On Tripp

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 6:18pm. School was pretty good today, but tiring and long, as usual. I had to stay until 4:30 again to help out some people do auditions for the Talent Show we're having next week. Anyway, I would just like to announce the things I will be engaged in for the remainder of this week. I'm going to CAPS Beat 1413's meeting tomorrow evening, then I have a Student Government meeting I need to stay after school for on Friday, and then I'll be involved in the Avondale Neighborhood Association's Clean and Green Saturday morning. With that, here's crime for this late afternoon and early evening.

6:45pm - Some call at 2426 N Tripp regarding a car.

6:47pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:06pm - I'm back.

7:07pm - Disturbance. 1804 N Harding.

7:10pm - Battery in progress. Fullerton and Monticello. In the alley, the manager of Tony's is fighting with a shoplifter.

7:15pm - Reckless driver. Diversey and Ridgeway. Green Nissan with a plate of X563373 is speeding and swerving on the road. Headed towards George on Ridgeway. I didn't see anything...

7:26pm - I'm going to go do some other stuff tonight. I'll see you all tomorrow, either in the morning or in the afternoon. Good night, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

The calls on the 1800 block of Harding usually come from a crabby old lady on the block. She just hates small children and any form of music.