Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yet Another Gunshot Incident On Ridgeway

Good evening, everyone. Here I am again, writing yet another post about my block, the 2800 block of Ridgeway. We had another incident over here. It was at about 2:50am this morning. It wasn't as bad as the arson deal we had about two weeks ago, but still, it was a serious incident and I will fill everyone in as into what happened.

I was up on my computer, finishing something before I went to bed, when my mother and I heard four gunshots, a pause, and then six more shots. We ran away from the window and called in the incident to 911. The scanner was then turned on, and as we tuned in, we heard a call of "Shots Fired" for George and Avers, where a disturbance was originally called in with three males throwing beer out of a car. I guess that escalated into them pulling out guns and shooting.

After those calls, that is when all of the action took place on Ridgeway. Quite a few calls came in from the block and at the intersection of George and Ridgeway, according to the 911 tapes I had ProdigalOne, a community activist and a co-author of this blog, pull. She noted that most of those calls report anywhere from four to 17 gunshots being heard at these locations. There were also reports of a sliver or gray Dodge Chrysler 300 involved, and one report had a man with a gun getting into that car.

I witnessed this car -- at first, I thought it was green, and that was a Nissan or Ford -- speeding south on Ridgeway, the wrong way, then turning down Diversey and heading towards Lawndale at a high rate of speed. CPD missed the car by 30 to 40 seconds. One of their squad cars slowly drove down the block, then patrolled a couple of more times before coding the calls.

This must be the 7th or 8th incident in a month, and yet the alderman's office, nor the CPD, have done a damn thing about it. I have done everything what I can do personally, and still nothing. I have gotten no plan of action from any elected officials or any CPD. My patience is running short with the city at this point. I feel like I'm being lied to, actually.

I don't ask for much, to any elected officials or CPD reading this. But I do ask that you respond in a PROACTIVE matter, not REACTIVE matter, to these string of incidents we have had on Ridgeway. I know, I know, the majority of our neighbors here could care less (and for that I am angry with them), but still, there are at least a few people here who cares what happens to them. I would like to know a plan of action both from the Chicago Police Department and Alderman Reboyras. What do you plan on doing to combat the crime on this street? Or are you going to wait for a murder to happen?

Having said that, I can't place all the blame on the CPD and the alderman. I also place blame on my apathetic neighbors. I feel that YOU are the reason why our street is the way it is. YOU don't call the police, YOU don't get involved, but yet you COMPLAIN when something happens, but you DO NOT want to be INVOLVED. The logic is messed up here, I think. What is the problem that YOU can't be bothered to be involved with the community?? Can you honestly not take 30 to 60 minutes out of your time once or twice a month to help fix this community? Is that asking too much? No, it is not. So really, there is no excuse for neighbors not being involved (unless, of course, you have to work long hours or what not). This is YOUR community as well as mine. Help kill the gang weed that we have growing right under our nose at an alarming rate, or otherwise it will grow out of control and we will not be able to stop it at that point.

The clock is ticking, people. We must do something about this. There are too many people are risk for us not to do something. Just think about it. We've got small children and toddlers that live on the block, as well as elderly citizens. What if one of them get gunned down innocently while on their porch or playing on the street?

Any comments, questions, or insights? Leave them here, on the FB page or in my inbox.

Update, 4/17/11, 1:13am: Here is a comment I forgot to put up about the shooting: "2:51a shots fired x2. Maybe 12? Someone was yelling. Car sped off,".


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Timmy about us neighbors not helping it keep safe or reporting incidents. But also you got to keep in mind these gangbangers are dangerous and will retaliate against you if they find out you're snitching on them. I'd like to know if us neighbors will be protected ? If the police can't control them and get shot by the gangbangers what do you think will happen to the neighbors and their property living in the same neighborhood with these gangbangers? This is why people stay silent because they are afraid of retaliation ! I've seen things happen to people for snitching! Id have alot to tell police too and things that could help them but I'd be very afraid for my safety! We just don't have enough protection to be snitching like that. Yes you could remain anonymous when you call but thats still not working! I think they should go after landlords or property owners to get rid the people "gang affiliated". As longs as the landlords kept renting to people like that, we're gonna have those problems . And for our so called alderman what crappy alderman we have because of the violence in our neighborhood. I wish I can do more but I'm not if my safety is in harms way and identity is not protected I will not put myself in danger. I grew up in this neighborhood and know how these people work and know more info about them then I should know. When there's a feeling that there is going to be a better protection program for the safety of our neighbors then you'll start hearing the voices that do care. Until then will watch our neighborhood fallout.

bobbo said...

They have to enact a full ban on handguns. Anyone caught with a handgun will have his property subjected to forfeiture. Thus the state can take his car, home or anything else of value. Put forth heavy punishment and most will obey the ban.

Anonymous said...

I have the same Alderman over here where I live (Diversey & Central). This guy does not give a sh*t about the problems that are going on. In the last 5-10 years my neighborhood has done a 360 (okay to terrible). We have 10 different gangs fighting with each other from the brickyard all the way east past your block. Graffiti, Homeless person problem, drug sales, shootings, crack heads, heroin addicts, hookers, I can go on and on. Like I said before, I had to put a homeless man in his place on my own in the past (I ended up going to jail and dont regret it one bit). Alderman Reboyras could care less. My beat cop is a 375 women who cant even get out of her SUV Police truck (sorry but this is a rough hood, we need a young / in shape cop over here). It seems the problem is not going away, it's getting worse. Thanks Timmy for your report(s). I am a regular watcher. :)

Anonymous said...

Alderman Reboyras was just re-elected, so we are screwed!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous comment one. I am so fed up with the idiot gangbangers but don't feel safe retaliating. I just want to move out of the neighborhood. I think that the cpd needs to take measures to make the upstanding citizens feel safer reporting crimes. In reality, the majority of the residents are law abiding citizens that go to work and live normal lives and this small group of idiots are so intimidating that most people won't get involved. We are very lucky to have someone like you in our neighborhood.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 7:35, I am fully aware that the gangbangers are dangerous. I have dealt with them first hand, and I lost my best friend to them. Do you not think I fear retailation? Do you think I don't share your fears? Because I do. I'm just as scared as anyone else is. That is why I don't really give my name out a lot or say where I live and stuff like that.A Do you have any idea how nervous I get when I go to pick up the phone to call 911? Heck, sometimes I'm too nervous to even call something gang-related in. But you know what? I've been here my whole life and I'm not going to let the gangbangers gain full control of the area without fighting for my neighborhood. I love this area and I refuse to see it go down the tube. My family has an investment here and we pay to live here, so that is also why I am involved as much as I am. That, and like I said, my love for this community. About the "snitching" term, I would really appreciate if people stop using it. It's not "snitching" or "tricking" or anything else, for God's sake. It's called TAKING YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BACK. The words "snitch" and "trick" just don't go anywhere with me. As far as us being protected by the CPD by the gangs, we're not being protected right now. We have all these shootings and I have yet to see the CPD address it. What makes you think that I'm, or any of the other involved citizens (which there are too few of us), safe? We are in as much danger in this community as any other normal citizen who is not involved. In short, everyone is in danger here. So I don't understand why you neighbors not involved don't understand that. If you don't want to be involved for yourself, then do it for your children or family. Help protect others at least if you don't care. The point is, though, is to get INVOLVED. Help me take back OUR neighborhood. It frustrates me to a new level that I am almost literally the only one who cares enough to do something about crimes that keep happening on this street. Everyone else has their excuses. And at this point I'm getting so sick and tired of it that either neighbors help me solve crime in OUR community, or I hightail it out of here. As far as going after landlords and property owners who rent to these bangers, the police can't do it alone, and neither can I. In order to successfully to do that, we need COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT, which includes you neighbors who aren't involved. I can't do it alone and neither can the police. EVERYONE needs to work together to rid of the gangbangers in our community. Just having people like me do all the work is being lazy, quite frankly, and it puts me in extra danger. As far as you neighbors waiting until you feel like you're safer, two things: 1) I'm not waiting until then. I will continue to do what I do, but if keeps failing, then I'm getting out of here and 2) you won't be safer anyway. It's not like the CPD is doing anything about the crime anyway.

bobbo, at this point, I think there should be a law like that.

Anonymous 11:01, you're absolutely right. He does not care what happens in the community. He shows up to CAPS meetings sometimes, but that doesn't mean a thing because he does not act to do anything about any of our problems. About your neighborhood taking a 360 degree turn, my area has also. I also agree that we've got gangs fighting each other all across the 30th Ward. As far as your Beat cop goes, you wouldn't be taking about Deb on 2514 on Days, would you? She seems like she does a lot for the Beat, so I'd be surprised to hear she's the one who can't get out of her SUV. I agree that the problem isn't going away but getting worse, and no problem as far as my reports go. And, yes, we are screwed about him being reelected.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 1:13, sorry, but moving out of the neighborhood isn't really the answer to correcting this problem. If we all move out, that will show the gangbangers we are letting them take full control of the area, which is something I personally refuse to let happen. While you are right the CPD could do a bit more to make us all feel safer, we the citizens must do our part. We are the ones who live here so the CPD relies on us to do our part and to report crime and to take back our communities. Also, about being lucky having me in the neighborhood, I guess you can say you are lucky, but I can't improve the neighborhood on my own. The rest of you must do your part. You must come to meetings, participate in community and what not in order to make it safer and better. Think about it. We all share the same goal, but we all must work together to ensure that goal happens.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know exactly where the shooting was? I called and it sounded like it was right outside my window, but no shell casings or anything was found. I also saw the car a toyota or something with a noisy muffler. the cops just passed ridgeway on george and could have seen these guys go left and south on ridgeway in their rear view mirror. I was shocked at how empty and peaceful the streets were right after the gunshot. Some guy was walking to work or something at about 3:10am just as that car was passing by for another look.

Best Blog Ever said...

LOL at a gun ban. These thugs will obtain them illegally like they always do. How is ban going to solve it?

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who commented on7:35 . I use the word " snitch" because it's use as figure of speech! You going to hear slot of words you don't like and that's how I talk. I was giving my opinion based on many years I been in this neighborhood and people I know and the gangbangers I've came across from. You need to think about safety for your self! I understand you pissed about what happing to our neighbor which you have the right. Sorry about your friend too. I think your great but you need stop and think before you down neighbors or the community like that! You're very young and obviously not actually been in the street with the gangbangers to know how they run you only see what you see and hear! I've grown up around these idiots and have and had some family members be apart of these useless gangs to experience and know about violence and retaliation . I had a gun pointed at me a couple yrs back for " snitching" . Like you don't like the word snitch, I kind of don't like how sometimes you down us " complaining neighbor"! Maybe a bad experience may make you think differently. And if you go to the meetings , aren't you suppose to be the voice of your community? And let the police know how people feel about your community? Letting the meeting know people are afraid of snitching because their safety is more important ? Us "complaining neighbors" are scared because of bad experiences too! Why put are self in dangerous again for those who experienced something bad? Tramatizing hello! You wanting feedback and wanting to know what we think or feel , then you come out with " the neighbors are complaining" whining" that's negative on your part! How's is that making is complaint neighbors motivated or encourage to go to this meeting or even meet you at these meetings? I would love to go to a meeting and be involved but based on my experience for years in this " hood" I think about my safety first and identity .. I don't feel I'm complaining just giving you my voice and feeling about the neighborhood and hoping you'd be kind and letting the meetings know about how your neighbors feel about safety issues. I feel your kind of negative. Everybody that goes on your blog knows you're doing a good job and is a great voice that's why they comment on it as well as I do. But to hear you sometimes come out like that I makes me upset. Its your blog and yes you can write whatever you want but remember neighbors have feelings and bad experiences too and hopefully a great voice like yours can speak out for some of us and just maybe you'll start seeing more people involved. They should having meetings at Koz park so these thugs over here can start seeing caring neighbors getting serious about their community .how come they're not placed in the gym ? Maybe more people will come .

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

BBE, I agree. A ban won't solve it.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 7:35/11:47, first off, you can calm down. There is no need for all of those exclamation points. Or what, are you mad because I'm telling the truth about you lazy and apathetic neighbors? Or are you a gang member yourself? Or associated with them? I'd like to know exactly who you are. Because from all that slang you use, it sounds like you're at least associated with them. FYI, I do use slang once in a while, but there is no place for it to be constantly like you're using it. And, slang makes people look uneducated and like they're into some mischievous stuff.

I'm going to tell you this once, and this is my last time telling you this, but I have been in this neighborhood a long time, too. In fact, maybe I have been here longer than you. I've been almost 18 years now, my entire life. So don't act like I don't know what has happened to this neighborhood, because I do. I was here when it was very clean and peaceful. It all started changing about 3 or 4 years ago and has gone downhill since. It is getting worse each passing day. And I know people on this block who have been here as long as I have, or longer, who don't want to do a damn thing to make it better. And that is pathetic, in my opinion. You call this your home, start treating it like one, by helping to make the community better.

I do think about my safety, but not as much as I think about others' safety. I want everyone, including myself, to be safe in this community, and right now, none of us are safe. Our neighborhood is in bad shape. I would think since it is not safe here, people would feel compelled to help make it safer, but I guess not. And that is why I bring my "neighbors" (the ones who are lazy and don't want to get involved but like to complain) down. This is their neighborhood, too. Not just mine. I cannot be, and I refuse to be, the only person trying to make it safer. There needs to be a large group of us to take this area back.

Yes, I am young, but I am two months away from being an adult, and I am not that young. So I know about life, and furthermore, I know about gangs and how they work. Hell, I was on the verge of joining one myself a few years back. I felt the need to fit in, because I had almost no friends due to my disability, so I would congregate with them here and there. I have never done drugs or have drank liquor, but I have been on the streets with them. But you know what? The stuff I saw them do made me realize that I do not want to life that life. In fact, after realizing what I was doing, and then thinking about my best friend being shot and killed in a drive-by, I felt compelled to get involved and help fix this community, which I still am doing to this day. It has been nearly three years since I have gotten involved, and I don't plan on stopping my involvement. I had lots of energy then to fix this community, and I still am on fire with that energy as I type this.

I know about retaliation and violence with these gangs. As I said, I lost my best friend to them, and I did hang out with them a few times. And, let me tell you this, buddy. I have been threatened by the gangs, too. You aren't the only one. Last year, I was waiting for my mother to come back from the grocery store so I can help her, and I had a thug to come within 100 feet of me, who asked me "what the fuck are you looking out? You better go back in your house..." and this was despite I wasn't looking at him. So I have had bad experiences, but just because I have, doesn't mean I will stop my involvement. Why? Because I have a whole group of people all over the neighborhood, as well as other parts of the city and the country. There are a whole lot of people who will not see me get hurt if they can help it. I am even supported by the Chicago Police (certainly not all cops, but the Department in general supports me).

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

As far as these meetings go, I go to them to be A, not THE, voice, of the community. I do not operate as a sole representative of this community, and will never do that. I am not here to represent everyone. I am here to represent me and to HELP make my neighbors make my neighborhood better, not make it better on my own. One person can't make their neighborhood better on their own. How is that even possible? As far as letting CPD know about how my neighbors feel, THAT IS NOT MY JOB. That is YOUR, the neighbors, jobs. YOU have to let the police know how YOU feel. I can't do that for you, and I won't do it for you. You have a mouth, use it! You use your mouth to bitch and whine, so why not put it to good use and come to a meeting to let the right people know how you feel? Oh, of course, everyone excepts someone like me to do it. Well, no, I'm not doing it. I don't get payed for this or anything.

I understand people are scared, but so am I. Like I said, do you not think I have fears?? Or are you so wrapped up in yourself to realize that? I share the same fears as many of you do, but we need to try and push past that to make this community better. The reason why I lecture my neighbors is because I feel they need the lecture. Being nice to these people doesn't cut it. I've been nice, but look where that's gotten us. This neighborhood is going to hell. So I feel I need to lecture and yell at my neighbors enough for them to start feeling what I am saying about this neighborhood is the truth, and maybe then they will start getting involved.

I do appreciate to know how my neighbors feel about the neighborhood, BUT, feelings and emotions WON'T fix the neighborhood. Determination and people getting INVOLVED is what will fix it. I have feelings about the area, and I am sad and angry to see it in the shape it is now, but I know that me being angry and upset won't help a thing. Instead, my determination will help. You and everyone else complaining need to realize that as well. Coming to me with your feelings and emotions will make me sympathize with you, but it can't help me to fix the area.

I do admit I am a bit negative about this. But you know why? Some of you neighbors make me that way. Everyone wants to complain and bitch about this area, but not a damn person wants to help me do the work I do. Do you realize the hours I've put into making this neighborhood better? I have had sleepless nights, tears and many other things. It's all just to make this area safer. I have missed on things in my personal life for this. But the way I look at it, the way the neighborhood is cuts into my personal life. So that is a reason why I do what I do.

As for meetings at Koz, there is a fee we have to pay for everytime we use their facilities. It's 30 something dollars for each meeting. We don't have money like that. And, personally, I will not go into Koz Park until I know it's safer. I have been chased out of there by gangs too many times, and there are too many incidents there for me.

To wrap this up, I don't ask for much. All I ask is that people do their part and get involved. I can't do everything for everyone. I am not a miracle worker. I am merely a resident like all of you.

jeffo said...

I cant believe I typed for 15 minutes and its gone.

Timmy I think you are doing an excellent job. I know about this blog from Broken Heart of Rogers Park. I will type more tomorrow or later tonight, I have to rest my hands.

Dont give up the fight.

jeffo said...

Okay. I can write again, but it will have to be in short bits, because the last time I wrote something lengthy it was lost.

Timmy the fight I had to fight in Rogers Park was very tough, and I couldnt have done it alone, but many times I felt alone.

I called 911 incessantly for many many days and years, atleast in the warm weather. Wayne and Farwell was really really really bad.

I have seen the gangs shift and shift and shift. I can recognize different crews, phases, different gangs etc, I have learned more than I ever cared to learn about gangs. Intimidation is their only weapon.

jeffo said...

Okay. that made it through.

I saw a driveby shooting on wayne in 2009 on Easter Sunday.

After that their intimidation didnt work anymore. I wasnt safe with them around. Gangbangers are bullet magnets. I figured screw it. They arent going to shoot me. But I stand a good chance of getting shot in a crossfire If I tolerated their presence at all.

I called the landlord next to our building alot. The bangers were there all the time. I called the police so many times, I talked to them face to face, I stepped in front of bangers when I shouldnt of, but I was fed up with them and told them to leave, the bangers were nuts they were parking their car on my driveway and loitering at my corner and putting trash in my sewer grate. anyways yes it was tough but finally the i got the landlord of the next building to put up a fence so the bangers couldnt sit their anymore.

We had only part of the apt building at that time a 6flat, just this past year we got the rest of it a 4 flat. We put a 10 flat back together. We arent rich, just smart with our money, my pops passed away and we used his insurance money to get the other part of the building.

its an ongoing fight. if you read broken heart of rogers park im obviously jeffo and geofredo.
I wrote alot alot alot of comments detailing my struggle with everything in the neigborhood.

Keep up the fight, your neigborhood looks great on googlemaps. its equidistant between an el stop and a metra stop. good housing stock. I think alot of gangs got pushed west from the gentrification east of logan square. I had witnessed a huge resurgence in violence in 2009 on farwell. I didnt flinch. I just kept on it. Keep up the good fight.
keep calling 911, keep calling 311 keep calling the aldermans office.

and write about it.