Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food Delivery Driver Attacked With Stones Monday Night

Good morning, everyone. I first heard about this incident I'm about to tell all of you about yesterday morning, but forgot to mention it until now. So anyway, a food delivery driver was viciously attacked in our community Monday evening, April 11th, around 7:30pm on the 2500 block of N. Springfield, according to Chicago News Report.

Apparently, several offenders were involved in this attack. The victim told CPD that several male Blacks rode up on bikes, and had their faces covered with white t-shirts, then attacked him with stones and robbed him. One of the men hit the victim in the forehead, causing a large gash. It is unknown what was used to leave the gash. Police are investigating.

Anyone have insights to this, or anything? This sounds like a really vicious attack. Not something to take lightly either. Either way, I hope the victim recovers and the perps get caught.


bobbo said...

Food delivery man? A pizza guy? An elote cart driver? Get used to it. Since they tore down the projects and let the animals move all over the city crime will now jump everywhere.

americanlt said...

I learned from an old detective that I know why the thugs dress the same. It is so when people call the poleece and describe what they are wearing the police are not able to stop everyone. You know the 10-12 young gentleman in the hood like to wear baggy pants & white XXXL T-shirts.

Anonymous said...

Wow I never thought bringing down the cabrini green projects would soon come back n bite the good n humble in the butt. Theres a good n bad for every decision made.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

americanlt, yes, that is very true.