Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Video: CPD Witnesses Gang Harassment From Latin Kings

Good afternoon, everyone. Since I'm not live-blogging this afternoon, I decided I will share this story with all of you. I first heard about this story at a CAPS meeting a few weeks ago, but haven't been able to sit down and make a post about it. Anyway, WBEZ did a story on two 14th District Police Officers who were in the middle of a truly intimidating scene.

According to what I've heard and seen, these two officers caught an alleged gang member (pictured in the back of a squad car in the video) doing something somewhere in the District, possibly a crime, and either were taking him back home or to the scene of the crime for witnesses to identify him. The video appears to have been shot on Spaulding near Wabansia. So then, a group of Latin Kings came up to the scene and beginned to videotape and harass this alleged gang members. In the video, they could be heard shouting "KING LOVE!!", "N***A!!" and other unintelligible crap while beginning to surround the squad car.

Here is the video and story

I know this will bring out every single cop hater out of the woodwork, or may even turn some people against the CPD, but hey, I'm publishing this story. The main reason behind me this story is because at the CAPS meeting I attended, a community resident had a petition for people to sign to support these officers, who are fighting an investigation over this. The community resident told me that these two officers had confronted the gang members once they came up to the squad car and called for back-up. The crowd dispersed without incident. And to be completely honest, the officers in the video did exactly that. You could hear the female officer telling one gang member to put down his "fucking hand", and it looks like to me she made a movement to shield the alleged gang member in the squad car.

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jeffo said...

The cops were outnumbered.
They shouldve called for backup.

Not a good situation for anyone.
Way Way too many gangbangers in one location.

Not too far away from complete chaos occuring.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I think after the video stopped recording, they probably did call for back-up, jeffo. I agree that it wasn't a good situation and that there were way too many of them in that one location.

Cop_kid said...

These 2 cops were being jackasses and were never in harms way. It's a common, albeit shady, practice of the CPD to pick up a banger for doing something and drop him off in rival territory. I hope these 2 cops enjoy the well deserved desk duty or traffic detail until their can retire with full pension @ 57 years old. AS much as I respect cops these two are idiots for getting busted doing this. To the 2 cops - it's not 1980 anymore - everyone has a camera/video phone - do something stupid and get caught.

americanlt said...

I'm not a police hater but this begs the question who polices the police? These officers have put this kids life in danger now. Yeah he is probably a gangbanger but what the police did was wrong. If 10% of CPD are "bad apples" that's still more than 1,000 officers in this city.

jeffo said...

Yeah so I guess the bangers were at no fault themselves.

Very weird situation to be sure.

If that happened on my block I would be dialing 911 nonstop.
Also for that situation you need a bunch of paddywagons, not sure HOW that situation started though.....

Anonymous said...

I dont blame the cops one bit. Their hands are tied for the most part to do anything. I wish they would actually do more of this to the gangbangers. LET THEM GET BEAT UP. They deserve it 100%. The cops should have called for a school bus to come pick up the whole crowd of retards and haul them off to jail.